Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This morning we all went out to the courtyard for Lillie and Elliott's first painting session. Jack is really into art. He enjoys painting, coloring, cutting, stickers, those kinds of things. He only gets to paint every now and then and today I decided that Lillie and Elliott were probably old enough to join him.
Lillie's first stab at it.
Elliott started out more interested in the birds than painting.
The pro.
Lillie decided it might be fun to paint her juice cup.
Now Elliott's getting the hang of it.
"Maybe I can paint my body too!"
Jack concentrating.

Finished work of art!
I told Jack they would all need baths. He said "we can just rinse off in the water out here."
Then they all joined in.

Minding his own business.
Lillie got thirsty!
Her mouth full of water.
And I guess she was hot too!

It did add an additional load of laundry to my pile today, but I'd say it was worth it!


kathy said...

These pictures just make me laugh! Yea, I would probably keep the painting sessions confined to the courtyard for a while! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Lillie is a hoot. Very cute. Thanks for always sharing. I love knowing about their fun activities. Aunt Di

Donna said...

Looks like they are using their left hands a lot. Lillie is funny cooling her tummy.

Christi said...

How fun...not the laundry, but the painting! I get a little sad sometimes that Charlie and Jack couldn't grow up together because they like SO many of the same things! Charlie LOVES arts and crafty type things too. I constantly have little pieces of cut up papers on my floor! I know they'd be such good friends!!

Anonymous said...

I think Lillie and Jack are going to be "partners in crime". Love these pictures. Tell Jack the next time he paints to send me a picture. Love and hugs to all. Great Gran

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures! Your kids are precious doing anything at all, but I love their expressions while they paint. And the clean up is really cute.


pam said...

It was definitely worth it. They seemed to enjoy painting and the water faucet! :) I like their expressions. Jack's concentration and Elliotts fascination with the birds and Lillie's full cheeks with water and big eyes.

Gran said...

Love the pictures...These are some of the cutest pictures, but I love all of them. I want to just hug all three of them.