Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baseball and Haircuts

Now I'll catch you up from June...

Freddy's parents came to visit over Father's Day weekend.

We enjoyed being out doors with them; parks, fountains, play grounds, and a Father's Day Yankee's game!

Jack wore Gramp's, Freddy, and his hat all at the same time, backwards, for a good bit of the game.
We also had Elliott's hair cut for the first time.


Anonymous said...

Precious little boys. Jack looks like he is enjoying the ballgame. Especially the eating part. As always, Elliott is acting like a little man. Wish I could get my hands on all three of them to give them a big hug. Love to all, Great Gran

kathy said...

really good picture of ALL of you at the ballgame. How special that three generations got to go to a Yankee game together!

And Elliott is always a cutie!
Miss all of you! Love, Mom

Donna said...

Imagine being 3 years old and you've already gone to a Yankee's game. What a special father's day and then there's sweet and cute!