Friday, August 20, 2010

Amelia Island 2010: Cousin Photo Shoot

My Mom bought all the grand kids coordinating outfits for a little photo shoot on the beach. I think I took over 150 pictures in the short 5 minutes we were out there. I don't have one on my camera that captures them all looking in the same direction and smiling. If they are looking at the camera then there are hands in the air, rubbing eyes, squatting, standing, etc. It's tough to get 5 kids 3 and under to cooperate! I've uploaded a lot, just so you get a taste of how it went.
The beach was a little "shelly", but more than that it was sand. We already knew the task at hand was going to be challenging, adding sand to the picture was just going to make it that much more chaotic, so we settled for the tee box in front of the condo that over looked the ocean. That way we didn't have to deal with sand and still had the beach and ocean in the background.
Amber told Karlee to put her hand on Katelyn's head to help support it. That's exactly what she did, put her hand on Katelyn's head. And Lillie was more interested in what they were doing than looking at the camera.
Then she decided she didn't want to sit anymore.
This is probably the bet one from my camera.
Somebody got Lillie to start playing "patty cake" to try to keep her seated.
This is the point Jack decided he was done holding Katelyn.
Next we tried to get a cute picture with just our kids.
This was 10 seconds after we got them positioned.
After picture taking the sprinklers came on. As we were walking back to the condo our kids decided they would take advantage of some more fun. Why not? Clothes can be washed and dried right?

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Donna said...

Thanks for the big smile on my face right now. Next time Katelyn will be old enough to try to keep up with them.