Sunday, August 15, 2010

Amelia Island 2010: The Pool

Relaxing might not be the word I would use for a family vacation with a 3 1/2 year old and two 1 1/2 year olds! Very fun, but not really relaxing!

All 3 kids really enjoyed the sand and the ocean. It's just not real practical to have all 3 down there at once, unless there is the same number of adults with you. All 3 want to be in different places and it's just too much to keep up with. Elliott wanted to play in the ocean alone. He wanted to be in the water but didn't want to hold your hand or have any boundary for that matter.

At the pool we had 3 different scenarios. Jack was content to stay on the steps and hang onto the rail, no real interest in going out in the pool unless he was bear hugging you. Elliott again wanted to be in the water, but with no supervision and didn't care for the water wings. He would walk from the edge of the pool straight into the water, not stopping. He would splash around then wave his hands to tell us he was all done, get out of the pool and do it all again. He LOVED the water! Lillie was a totally different story. She really wasn't interested in the pool at all. She would sit on the edge and pour water from a water bottle into a bucket and then ask you to fill the bottle up so she could do it again. She also wanted to walk around the property, instead of be at the pool. One afternoon I went walking with her. She picked some flowers, climbed steps to other peoples condo, sat in the driveway in a puddle of water and splashed and worked real hard to get the bolts loose on the fire hydrant. She didn't understand why there was no water coming out. (see this video to find out why!)

Here are a few pictures we have from the pool.

Jack and Uncle John making mean faces.

Elliott filling up his cup.
My niece Karlee swimming like a big girl.
Lillie filling up her water bottles.

Loading up on sun screen!
Lillie's turn.


pam said...

:) It's interesting to wonder at times how our children have such different out looks on things. Blessing! I remember just having ONE child at the beach. I was stressed! I can't even imagine 3! You have your hands full.

Gran said...

When Freddy T. was little his favorite thing to do at the pool was visit with all the other guests. He especially liked to see what everyone brought to eat and see if they had any toys that he didn't have. Great pictures

Anonymous said...

These pictures are treasured memories. In spite of all the chaos it was a wonderful trip. I love having all my family together and the fun we all have. Every year is so different. Seems it was only yesterday that Frank, Kathryn and Sarah were the ages of Lillie, Elliott, Jack, Karlee and Katelyn. Looking forward to another family vacation. Love you, Great Gran