Monday, August 23, 2010

Amelia Island 2010: Final Post

This is my last post on our vacation. These are just a few extra shots that were mostly taken the night we tried to get a decent family shot.

We tried a few pictures on the tee box again. This picture was right when we were headed down to the beach. They were gone!

Jack and Nay Nay

We tried to get them to lay on our backs.... didn't work.

We even tried some normal poses... didn't work.

Look at last years picture. Can't believe how different they are!

Trying to get a good one of the 3 of them sitting nicely together, facing the camera... fail!

She is such a mess!

My sweet boys.

I love this. He wanted to run free all week on the beach. I like how the bottom half of his shorts are wet.

Wild one!

Destroying someones sand castle.

Before we went to the beach we drew the letter of each family members first name on a piece of paper and Jack had a project to work on all week of coloring in the letters. He got a little help from Sarah(my sister) and Kathryn(my cousin). Not all the family was present at the time of the presentation, but those who were posed for a picture!

One worn out little boy!


Donna said...

I never get tired of seeing the vacation pictures. The picture of Jack and Nay Nay is precious. The pictures only give you a glimpse of how busy those little ones were. I'm ready to go again...

pam said...

Hilarious pics of the kids trying to sit still. I think the final product is lovely! they have changed so much. looks like a very nice vacation. I too like the pic of Nay Nay and Jack. what Fun. love, pam

amyp said...

Okay - your family is beyond precious. And I love reading through your blog and being inspired by how you make it happen and you're not afraid to be honest about life in the city. Just know that if I'm ever in New York or you're ever in Chicago, or we both happen to be in Clarksville at the same time - we are SOOOOOOOO taking pictures of you guys. And who knows - they might all look at the camera...