Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's Talk Sheets

Up until recently I could not figure out how to fold a fitted sheet and make it come out square. I don't know if others have this problem or not, but just in case I'll show you my new found method of sheet folding, and organizing.
Back in the spring I bought a few new sets of sheets for our bed on I read lots of reviews to find good ones, that were affordable. I'm pleased with the two I settled on! When the shipment arrived I carefully unfolded the fitted sheet and memorized how it was so neatly packaged, so I could fold it properly in the future.
Before I get into folding I'll share a little organizing secret with you. I'm always using other peoples ideas for organizing, and want to be more organized, it's just I'll share what little I have!
Anyway, I label each tag in the sheet set with a letter. That way I always know what fitted sheet goes with the flat sheet and the pillow cases. I know I could always try to match colors and stitching designs, but who has time for that? I came up with this idea not too long ago (I'm sure it's not original) because I have a very small space to keep my sheets and found myself always trying to sort it out, now I just grab a pillowcase (keep reading) and don't worry about it because I know everything I need is right there.
Ok, back the the fitted sheet.

First, fold in half and stuff one side of the corners into the opposite side of corners.
Second, fold in one side to the middle, then the other.
Next, fold in half again.
Finally fold two or three times to make your nice square!
So there you have it... not rocket science, but it sure has helped me and maybe it will someone else.
The last thing I do is stack up the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and one pillow case (no pillow case if you're working with a twin set) and put them inside the other pillow case, fold the flap over, and store in the closet. I got this idea from Real Simple.
That's it! I know you could always bundle up your sheets and tie a pretty bow around it and then have a little tag hanging from the string indicating what size the sheet set was and that would be very pretty and I would feel good about looking at my linen closet (or shelf in my clothes closet in our case) and pulling a set out, but in this season of life, I'm just thankful to have them all together in one place!


Katie said...

Becca McDaniels taught me how to do that when we lived together after college. then I forgot it...thanks for reminding me.

Brittney said...

GREAT IDEA about putting them in the pillow case :) I hang my clothes in the summer and try to fold them outside after they dry. . .er, try folding a fitted sheet in mid air. I looked ridiculous and so did the sheet after I was done :( I have never really been able to fold the fitted sheet into a square either so GREAT tutorial!! This will help me so much (note: use a bed to fold the sheet on Brittney!).

The Fitzgerald's said...

Good stuff! thanks!

Amber said...

I hate to admit it but we only have one pair of sheets for each bed and it really stinks when they are still in the dryer when it's time for bed! I guess we should invest in more sheets! I wish I were as organized as you!

Christi said...

The pillowcase is a GREAT idea!! I think I'll try it! And...I hate folding fitted sheets! I just recently found out how to do it myself, by watching my grandma do it!

Emily said...

LOVE the pillowcase idea!! I have this urge to go do that to all of my sheet sets right now... But that would require getting out of bed! :)

pam said...

oh my goodness! my mother has always made the best beds with tight fit sheets and after washing was able to fold the perfect! I have Never accomplished that TASK! Thank you so much. This is simple and organizes things better. I love the picture of Jack, Elliott and Lilly on your blog site. :) hagd thanks for sharing

Melcy said...

I like your organization tips! I might just have to use that idea! Thanks for sharing!