Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ornaments and Stockings

The tree is up and the stockings are hung.
This is my favorite ornament on the tree this year and it was specially placed there by my favorite 2 year old. I wish everyone could have seen his excitement over the ornaments. He keeps calling them instruments. He can't remember that they are called ornaments. He wanted to hang his own stocking too, so Freddy T. lifted him up on his shoulders and he placed it on the hook.
Freddy T. is showing Jack one of his favorite things to do in this picture. Lay on your back under the Christmas Tree and look at all the lights. Jack is just like his Daddy. He wants all the lights off except the lights on the tree. He told us tonight we could keep talking in the dark.


Anonymous said...

Your tree looks pretty! Jack will really enjoy it this year -

Sarah put all of the ornaments on our tree today while I was out shopping. Nice surprise when I got home.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like the excitement of a child at Christmas. This will be an exciting one for Jack and I know that he is being taught the real meaning of Christmas. The little tractor hanging on the tree brought tears to my eyes. Don't ask me why. I imagine Lillie and Elliott are facinated by the tree, too. Love you all so much. Great Gran

Donna said...

You came up with a great place to hang their stockings. I know ya'll are having a lot of fun with Jack and the tree. We are finished decorating too and going shopping tomorrow with Gran!
Love, Donna

pam said...

Love this! It is beautiful when all the lights are off except the tree. Have a blessed Christmas, love, pam

Anonymous said...

Oh what I would do to have a 2 yr old for Christmas again... so fun!!! OK, can I say that I have never thought to lay under the tree and look up at the lights...? But after we got ours up last night, I wanted so badly to lay under it and look at the lights but my tree is too low to the ground and I can't do it, oh well. I know you will have a blast with Jack this year. Enjoy it.
Love you all
Patti Smith

Lee Ann said...

Brings back such great memories. Nothing is sweeter than a young child experiencing all the excitement of Christmas! Your tree is pretty and love the tractor.