Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Freddy T. and Jack

Freddy T. and Jack are at the airport Tennessee bound.
Jack is so excited!
(I wish I would have taken their picture)
Lillie didn't understand that she was not going.

Crayola's bath tub crayons are a hit at our house! Jack spent a lot of time yesterday coloring in the bathroom. He did the scribbles on the bottom left and called me into see his work. While I was in there I drew the tractor. Maybe I should give him the credit... it looks more like a child drew it than an adult... anyway...
I then decided it would be a good idea to draw the scenario he was going to experience today. He's never been on a trip with just Freddy T. It's always been all of us. So, I drew an airplane and put Jack and Freddy T. in the window (you can't really see it, but they are the blue in two of the orange circles). Then you can see me, Lillie, and Elliott standing on the ground to the left waiving to them. That scribble in between the airplane and the family is Jack's addition. I can't remember what he was drawing but when he finished it he looked at me and said "Look! I drew a heart!." I thought it was funny, but it does look sort of like a heart. He also (even though you can't see it very well) added a purple mark in the front window. He told me it was the co-pilot... how does he know who the co-pilot is let alone where he sits on the plane???

He told me yesterday that he was getting in an airplane with Daddy and they were going to fly through smoke. (I think he thinks its smoke when your flying through the clouds) He said God was going to move the smoke out of the say so they could fly through.

We're going to miss them! Jack provides us with a lot of entertainment each day. Lillie and Elliott will be lost without him around. I'm really glad Jack and Freddy T. get some time alone though. It will be special for both of them.


Amber said...

We will be in Clarksville Saturday...hopefully we will be able to see Freddy and Jack! I hope you enjoy your weekend with the babies! Of course we wish all of you were here.
Love to all!

pam said...

What an adventure for Jack! Those tub crayola crayons are the ticket! I am going to get some for my neices and nephew. This story was so sweet to read. I pray safety for their travel and for you and the twins while at home. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Susan...I just love the photos. I know Jack is going to have a great bonding time with his Daddy. It was great talking with you yesterday. I will call in a day or so.

Anonymous said...

Love the bathroom picture!The story about the smoke is soo sweet. Enjoy your time with the twins. And a safe trip for jack and his daddy. Love, ANtje