Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hairbows and Oreos

Lillie wore her first hair bow today. She still doesn't have quite enough hair for it to be properly placed or for it to stay in place, but at least she hasn't pulled it out! Elliott on the other had goes after it with a vengeance!
Jack laid his Oreo cookie down yesterday and Elliott got to it. He ate the whole thing!
(notice he has half in one hand, half in the other)

When I told Jack to smile he put his blanket over his head. I just wanted a sweet picture of him to post today with Lillie and Elliott. This will have to do. It pretty much sums up what we experience when trying to get a quick picture of him.


Anonymous said...

These are precious pictures and Elliott looks like he in enjoying his cookie. I imagine they will get to try a lot of things earlier than Jack did because of Jack leaving them in their reach. Lillie looks very pleased with herself and so cute. Are we going to have to nickname Jack "Blanket", lik Michael Jackson's little boy? Love you, Great Gran

pam said...

lol! cute, Lillie's bow looks pretty on her hair! Yes, Elliott does look as if he is enjoying the oreo cookie! Yum, Tell Jack we want to see his beautiful face and lovely smile. Have a fantastic day!

Christi said...

Those twins are so cute!!I wish I could give them a big squeeze! That picture of Jack is classic! Charlie's in the "no pictures please" phase too! It's impossible to get a good picture! Love you all!

Melcy said...

I love the hair bow!! so cute! What a riot that Elliot got into that Oreo! :)
Jack has such a personality! He's hilarious!

EmiLee said...

I LOVE THE BOWS! Freddy T talked about bows when he and "Big Freddy" got to visit Hill Grove a few weeks ago! Emma is in the BIG BOW phase right now, so let me know when you are ready for the BIG bows, I have a great source! (MeMo not me!) I love to keep up with you guys! Your family is precious!