Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Day At The Wyatt Home

It's been a crazy morning. Not bad, the kids are just a little on the wild side.... all 3 of them!

I've found Lillie several times in the cabinets. Elliott wanted to join her this time.
Jack just said "Mommy look... I like the babies." I wanted to document it because that was not the song he was singing about 15 minutes ago.


Mandy Greene said...

I am so glad to see this Susan! I love seeing the interactions with all 3 kids. I read your blog daily for inspiration as my twins due date is vastly approaching. I am so worried about my older son and seeing Jack happy with the babies helps ease my worries. Thanks for sharing.

pam said...

These are precious memories! What fun playing in the cabinets. You mean you actually have empty cabinet space?! I wish I did, or do they clear out the tupperware lol. Just darling that they are getting along. Cute outfits & Jacks is adorable!

rachie said...

It looks like they were having a blast! I think I could be entertained all day long watching them all play together on skype! :)