Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dinner Time

This was from back in September. Elliott still lays over sideways toward the end of his meal. This is the day it started. I also think its funny that they know the camera is filming them. They kept staring at it.


Emily said...

Hey Susan! I would love to be on your private youtube list!

Love you!

amyp said...

Susan, your kids are adorable. And you rock as a mom.

pam said...

This is so precious. Lillie is enthralled with her twin brother Elliott. How adorable. Just so sweet! Thanks for sharing your lives.

Anonymous said...

The twins are growing so quickly...hard to believe. Just keep getting cuter and cuter.

Kyle Barrett said...

Susan, This is so sweet. I need to ask, who does Elliott look like? Lillie is a Wyatt. Elliott seems to be a good mix. Baby pictures, Who does he favor?

Kristi Cherry said...

Cute video Susan! They look like so much fun!
In response to Ashley: My mom (also Freddy's mom) has a baby picture of FT that looks a lot like Elliott, except the eye color. Maybe we could scan it in and share with the world!