Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Dinosaur Loose In Harlem!

Jack requested a visit to the play ground this morning, so we went. He also requested to wear his dinosaur costume. I thought about it, trying to decide if I should let him or not... why not? It was just the play ground! We've figured out when a preschool class of kids around his age go to the play ground and they were there this morning. He was very excited to see them. Who knows what was going through their minds when they saw him. I love that he is who he is and does not care what anyone might think or say.
The kids playing in the leaves and putting them in the trash cans.
They were all in their school uniforms. Jack in his Halloween costume.
Makes me laugh thinking about it.
Mr. Carlos, one of the teachers, said "I need my preschool friends to come have a seat and find their buddy." They were getting ready to go. Jack sat right down with them.

Then we went to the grocery store. Jack was holding the adds. It was nice for him to be walking. I was able to use his seat for my basket. Thankfully the store was not as crowded today as it was last time. Then Jack wanted to ride standing on the stroller on our way home, till we got to the hill. He walks up the hill.

This is walking down Broadway between 136th St. and 135th St. We live on 135th St. At the end of this video you can kind of see the long, steep hill we have to climb to get to our apartment. When we got to the top Jack started jumping up and down saying "I did it Mommy. I walked up the hill. I did it for you. It makes you proud!"

When Jack had his surgery the anesthesiologist asked him where he lived he said "New York City." The man said, "New York City is a big place, where in New York City do you live." Jack said, "Up that hill." He was right!


Anonymous said...

This has got to be one of my favorite post. I have laughed so much. Notice in the second video the lady walking in front of you and Jack looks like she has her pajama bottoms on so Jack fits right in with his dinosaur costume.
I love that little boy!

pam said...

Cute story, love that he played along with the other students! :) It seems like most had on a jacket or hat/coat of some sort, Jack doesn't seem to be cold at all in that dinosaur outfit! What fun! Glad yall had a fun time at the park. Have a wonderful weekend! He looks beautiful in the video.

Kristi Cherry said...

I thought the same thing Donna said about the girl in her pj pants! That was so funny seeing him sitting with the other kids! Thanks for the pics and videos. I hope you have a better day today than earlier in the week. Glad you got to get out and get some fresh air and exercise. That hill looks like a good workout! Love you all!

Emily Mouyeos said...


Anonymous said...

Susan...Thanks again for the laughs. Pap and I enjoy them so much. Loved to hear Jack singing on the slide. Also, think he is adorable in the picture with the children and dinosaur in the middle of them all. Love to you all. Grandma and Pap

Anonymous said...

Tell Jack his Aunt Di thinks he would be a great student. I'd have him in my class anyday...... wait a minute Jack never does anything I ask him. Maybe he wouldn't work out to good in my class but it sounds like he like Mr. Carlos' class. Glad yall had a good day. Love that you are getting some extra wear from the dinosaur costume. Aunt Di

Melcy said...

Your blog is awesome! I love reading it & I love Jack! :)
By the way, you looked really pretty tonight.
See ya soon!