Sunday, November 01, 2009


Although this was our 2nd Halloween in Manhattan it was our first Trick or Treating. Kids and families are EVERYWHERE! We went down to 69th St. where 2 blocks of that street are blocked off and the neighborhood goes all out decorating for Halloween and passing out candy. There are other avenues for Trick or Treating. A few of the parks have Halloween events and The American Museum of Natural History is open for kids to come in their costume and go to different exhibits for treats, that's just to name a few. The most interesting thing to me is that almost every store gives out candy. So where the suburban kid goes trick or treating in a neighborhood, the city kids go to store fronts. We went in a doggy salon, Banana Republic, Lancome, restaurants, etc. They all participate. As with every first time adventure in this city you learn what you would do and would not do again, but we had a good time.

After trick or treating we went and at dinner at a Mexican restaurant. A couple in there asked Jack what kind of dinosaur he was and he said "a green one."

The lady bug and puppy. I bet 7 people took their pictures last night... Jacks too.

i sat on the curb out side of the Lancome store to feed Lillie and Elliott dinner while Jack and Freddy T. went through the second half of 69th St.
This was at the puppy hair salon. Jack went crazy when he saw the poodles getting a trim. I think he was more into them than the candy.
This is a small shot of 69th St.


Anonymous said...

Looks like yall had a great time. Surprised that the street was already that crowded and it was still daylight. Jack looks great as a "green' dinosaur. I love that he used green as his description. Lillie is the cutest Ladybug I have ever seen. Elliott is a cute puppy too. Loved the video of the carving too. Love Aunt Di

Yvonne said...

How fun!!!! Your little ones looked so cute!!!! Think about you guys often!

pam said...

This is amazing to see. They look adorable in their costumes. Looks like the adults were sweet & having fun handing out the treats too! :)

barrywallace said...

Cute! Sounds like you all had a great time.

Christi said...

Wow! Looks like fun!

Lee Ann said...

Sounds like you all had great Halloween fun! All the kids look adorable; my camera would have been flashing too! I have played Jack's pumpkin carving video several times and laugh each time. BTW-like the chair choices; each one will be very distinct!