Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Are Alive and Well

We are allive and well! We finally have internet working in our apartment. Freddy T. and Hannah have gone to Starbucks reguarly to connect online, but I haven't made it down there for any leisure time. Only once because I needed to order groceries and diapers, which by the way were delivered to my door the very next day!

We are a week and a half into our new lives here in NYC and so far things are going well. Freddy has been posting on his site so you can go there for more detailed updates. I hope to be a regular blogger from this point on, but there is no way to retrack the past week.

A little run down though, we love the location of our apartment. I have not had the chance to explore a whole lot because the walking is physically exhausting, but I've gotten around a little bit. Our area is more laid back and full of families. It's not overwhelming to be here at all. If you go down the island a little bit it gets very busy, but not where we are. We are one long block from Central Park (1/4 of a mile). Jack has been there almost everyday. He mostly goes with Hannah, but he has been with his Daddy and once with me and a few times with the whole family. Two weeks ago he didn't really know what a park was, but now he asks to go to it and gets really excited. My experience going alone with him was good, a little overwhelming. There were so many kids, moms, and nannies. Jack had a blast on the playground and I just sat back and wondered how in the world do you break into this community of moms?

We are enjoying our church. We are mainly going to the morning service. Freddy and Hannah are going to the evening one as well (of course Freddy is), but there is no child care in the evenings and it is not walking distance, so Jack and I have hung out at home and enjoyed our time together then.

We are getting settled in our home. Amazingly most of what we brought with us fits, but we are using every square inch available to us. I haven't taken pictures yet but will try to post them in a few days of the apartment. We have only 1 more box to unpack, but have no idea where we would put the things in it, so were just keeping that contents in the box.

Hannah and I are going on the Womens Retreat this weekend with our church. We are going through a Beth Moore study/retreat. It's called "Am I Loving Well", a 4 lesson bible study. We are both excited. It will be about an hour and a half away in Ocean Grove, NJ on the beach. Jack and Freddy will have a mans weekend. Pray for them!

This is a random post, will get my thoughts together for the next one, there is just so much that has gone on and no way to recall it all

By the way, a quick update on the babies... Lillie is estimated at 3 lbs. 15 oz right now and Elliott is following behind at 3 lbs. 5 oz. I'm huge. You can go to Paul Rameys website (our worship pastor) and see a picture of me a week ago he posted. Scroll down to "wonder woman". As of a few days ago I was measuring in at 45 1/5 inches... very big, getting uncomfortable, but completely amazed that the babies are doing so well and we've made it this far and going strong. Still on for our December 16th due date.

One funny thing. When we are riding in a taxi, Jack holds on the the back of the front seat and says very loudly "Go! Go! Go!" through the majority of the ride. He figured out very fast the nature of a taxi ride.

I'll post some pictures we've taken over the past week. They are in no particular order.

Jack in Central Park at the Jackie Kennedy Resivor, looking toward the East Side.

Playing in the playground

He loves the sandbox

You can't tell, but there were 3 dog walkers here and about 7-8 dogs... look at the size of that big black one, can you imagine that living in your apartment? Jack loved it!

Mr. Jack sleeping from Charlotte to NYC on his first plane ride.

Jack and Daddy on the slide.

Jack on the plane, he ate from Nashville all the way to Charlotte!


Katie said...

I am so glad to hear that you guys are doing good. I know that you are doing the Lord's work and he is going to bless you in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what the pastor titled your pic... wonder woman! You are a wonder woman! Just being able to take the time and type out all of this! The babies sound like they are growing well! The park looks beautiful. How has the weather been? It was gorgeous here for a while, then got hot again and tomorrow supposed to rain and cool things off again. Yay Perhaps with the "entering into this world of moms and kids" thing at the park. It will happen. Your presence and your witness, the light of Jesus which shines on your face can not help but draw people to you. Stay healthy and safe! So glad to hear that you love the location with other familys & your home. I loved the comment about how Jack learned about the concept of going fast in the taxi! How adorable... are you sure his daddy didn't have any help with that. I can just picture FT also with his hands on the back of the cabseat saying Go Go Go! LOL The pictures are adorable, and the MARMADUKE dog would NOT be in my apt! He was beautiful though. Just wait til jack gets all that sand in his hair! For 5 yrs we lived at the beach with Ela girl and she would not step foot in the water, she thought the sand was water and would submerge herself in it. It filled the bathtub with sand and getting it out of her hair was a HUGE challenge! Oh what joyful memories. The pics are great. Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you are getting a little rest. Is the doc still in the same bldg? Jack looks so cute in the last pic. Take care of yourself. Always good to hear from you. Blessings! pam

Anonymous said...

It is so good to see pics of you all in New York. We miss you like crazy but I am blessed to see and hear how great things are going.
I love you all and love being able to keep up. love Rissa

Around the World said...

hey - found your blog again!! i'm going to add it to my blog site too!!! congrats on the twins...WOW - life has changed!!!!

We are actually adopting from Ethiopia right we hope to have our little guy home in December!!!

Keep in touch!


Anonymous said...

Jack seems so happy but sure does make me want to see him! For the short time you have been there, I am amazed at how well you have already plugged in and thankful everything continues to fall into place. Give Jack a kiss for us. We love you all.

Lee Ann
P.S. Haven't forgotten about the outfit!

rachie said...

Susan - Thanks for the update! I have been wondering how the "settling in" has gone for you...So glad to hear that you are adjusting and feeling well. I have to be honest, that picture of you made me hurt, but I am glad that the twins are healthy and continuing to grow... Tell Freddy we said hi.
To "Bucks" - your name comes up at the Dwagon household regularly and we miss you bunches! I'm sure that you do not have a shortage of Bucks around your new home and I'm sure that you are having fun in the new city. Don't settle for any slow cab drivers.... :)Hugs and kisses from Rachie and Big Dwagon

Ben and Christy said...

Thanks so much for updating! It's so good to hear that you all are doing well! We think about you and pray for you often!

Anonymous said...

Susan, Love the pictures. They made me have a "Jack attack". Miss ya'll so much. Glad you are back on line. Can't wait to see pictures of your new home. Love to all of you.
Donna (Dee Dee)

Anonymous said...

Susan, Love the pictures. They made me have a "Jack attack". Miss ya'll so much. Glad you are back on line. Can't wait to see pictures of your new home. Love to all of you.
Donna (Dee Dee)

Anonymous said...

Oops! My computer had a glitch. Didn't think the first post worked.

Lori said...

So glad to hear how it's going. I'm so excited for y'all. Man just hearing about NYC makes me want to come up for a visit. I wish we could afford it, maybe one day. You've been in my thoughts and prayers a lot.

Lori said...

Oh yeah, who's Hannah??? I think I missed something.

Elizabeth said...

Chad and I are praying for you guys! Blessings to NYC!