Saturday, October 25, 2008

"A New York Minute"

A New York Minute - The Wyatts - 01 from Adam Merritt on Vimeo.


Lori said...

Susan you look great!!!

Susan said...

wow i love that!! keep doing these please, it's so good to see all of you and envision everything :)

i can't believe how literally in the middle of everything you are, that's so awesome, and hannah & susan you both look BEAUTIFUL :)

love yall and praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Freddy looked like a natural CNN anchor!

TNLisa said...

So wonderful to "see" you all -
our prayers continue.
The Moore Family in M'boro

angie said...

great update!! we continue to pray for you guys!!


pam said...

AWESOME! I love this! I just left a comment on Freddy's blog... The weather looks beautiful this time of year in NYC. Thank you for sharing about the area of the church and where you live and the park. Susan you have dropped some and look amazing. I agree, Freddy, you have a natural talent for being a news reporter/broadcastor/ CNN anchor!Jack is getting bigger! Hannah you look pretty. In prayer for yall's journey. Love the NY minute... keep them coming and it's great to hear how God is taking care of yall for His glory in NYC. Blessings, pam

Anonymous said...

John and I loved the New York minute...Hope this continues at least weekly. It's great seeing all of you.

Amber said...

We love the video! I hope that you can keep them's great to see all of you! We are praying for you! Karlee and I pray for Jack, Lillie and Elliot every night!
Aunt Amber

Anonymous said...

I am loving seeing and hearing from you. WOW - I am amazed at all God is going to you all! RIssa