Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We've caught him in the toy box several times.


Amber said...

We love our little Jack!!! We have enjoyed getting voice mails from him!! Love you guys!

christi said...

From what you say, the apartment is pretty small, so...I guess Jack has just found "his space"!! Hope you're doing well!

Kathy said...

My little Jack in the Box!
I love opening up the blog and seeing a picture of Jack!
Love and miss all of you!

pam said...

Jack looks like he is having fun! So adorable. I think all moms have a picture of their son's sitting inside their toybox. Yes, I even have one of Ben when he was 2 years old! He looks adorable! I like your mom's comment. Jack in the box. How sweet!

Anonymous said...

We love to see pictures! Miss you guys. Give Jack a hug for us.

rachie said...

Bucks - you do not know how bad I want to fly up right now and read that tractor book to you that I see on your bookshelf....I look at the big tractor next door at my house everyday and think about you....By the way....don't forget to tell the men in your apartment building about those "wee-eders" - tell mommy and daddy we miss them lots too!