Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our New Home

Here are some pictures of our apartment, several have requested some. Some pictures are a little dark, we only have one overhead light over the kitchen table, one in the bathroom, and one in the kitchen. The rest of the apartment has to use lamps. We don't have end tables yet in the living room so our lamps are in random places, you'll see in the pictures. Enjoy your tour!

This is our living room, standing in the hall looking into the room.

This is the angle from Jacks room looking into the living room/eatting nook/ front door

This is standing at the french doors looking into Jacks side of the room

This is standing in front of Hannah's bed looking at Jacks side of the room.

From the front door looking in our apartment. Living room and into Jack and Hannah's room



Another look into Jacks room

A closet opposite our bedroom door


Master Bedroom/Twins room when they come

Another look at the Master Bedroom


pam said...

Beautiful! It looks spacious, actually bigger and much nicer than what I was picturing. You are very blessed! I like the color of paint choices and the decor is cozy and lovely. Enjoy your new home! Thank you for taking the time to send pics. Love and blessings, pam

Kathy said...

Glad to see pictures of the apartment. The paint colors look good with your furniture and bedding. You've done a good job with your space! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

It looks very nice and cozy. The picture of your bedroom is neat with the view of New York. You've done a great job! Thanks for posting the pictures. At least we can't picture where you are.

Anonymous said...

Susan and Freddy T. You did a good job with your paint selections and furniture. I know it has been an adjustment for you but I am proud of what you have done with your space. Jack's space is special and he seems to have what he needs. Enjoyed your NY minute. I wanted to reach in the computer and grab all four of you and bring you back to Clarksville. I hope you will keep informing us in this way. It helps to see things that you are involved in and put names with places. I love each of you so much. Great Gran

karicr said...

I feel a part of it just being able to see where you are living and hearing about your day through the blog. Susan, the apartment looks great! You have done a beautiful job with it. Much better than I imagined, though I know the space is small. We love you, miss you and wish you only God's best. Keep the pictures, blog and video coming, they're great!
Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures; it's nice to have a visual of your new home. I'm impressed with what you've done! Loved the video and watching Jack taking it all in! Love to all.

Lee Ann

P.S. Taking Frank to Monday night football game tonight; he is pumped! Watch for us! (ha)

rachie said...

Susan - I'm impressed that you have organized things so quickly - even have pictures on the wall! Of course, Big Dwagon couldn't help but notice Georgie dressed up for Halloween on top of Jack's toy box - he is glad he made it safely to NYC too! Thanks for posting.....

Keva said...

Awesome job!

The Fitzgerald's said...

Very cute!! But who is hannah

Kevin and Christin Pounds said...

Wow, Susan, I can't believe you are already all settled in! Pictures on the walls and everything. It looks so nice, it will make a nice home for you guys! I know you are so busy with everything, but maybe I could come out there one afternoon and have coffee or something? I would love you see you and meet Jack!


Jennifer Zila said...

susan-- i can't believe how settled in y'all are! sooo impressive! we definitely need to do a play date soon, maybe next week?

Glenna Marshall said...

Susan--you did a great job!! It looks lovely...and it looks like you made good use of your space! I can't believe there are tall buildings outside your window. Quite a change from Tennessee!

(I'm really jealous that you're getting a play date with Jen & Haven! I think Haven & Isaiah really need to meet!)