Tuesday, October 21, 2008

They Know Him Well

Today Jack and I went down to the lobby to check the mail. While we were down there we checked to see if there was any packages and the doorman, who knows Jack by name, said " don't leave without giving me five!"

Then we got on the elevator to come back up. One of the maintenance men was on the elevator with an industrial size vacuum cleaner and Jack immediately got excited and held out his hands and said "ohhhhhhh."(if you've been around him lately you can hear his expression), at that time Weaver, the maintenance man, said "it's not a lawn mower..." I said "he loves lawn mowers" and Weaver said "I know the two of us (he and Jack) have had that conversation already!

So, we've already been here 2 full weeks and we are known around here. You can go to Freddy's Blog and read about our exciting morning last Friday. Never a dull moment in the Wyatt family.


Anonymous said...

I am just wondering how the janitor "CONVINCED" Jack that the vacuum was NOT a lawn mower. LOL. I still remember him wanting to sit on The Dark's riding lawn mower. That is cool, that the people in your building already know him and give him high five! How sweet! Jack is reaching out and up! Praise the Lord! Hope you are feeling well. Take care. Love the pic of Jack in his toy box! pam

Anonymous said...

one more thing... yay!!!! only 55 more days to go! Take care! :) pam

Anonymous said...

I know I can't be the only one sitting here with tears streaming down my face thinking of this sweet little boy. I guess the realness of you being in NYC is sinking in a little more... We miss you all and pray for you daily! We know that you are doing the work of the Lord!! Love you and miss you. Patti Smith

Anonymous said...

No, Patti is not the only one reading and looking at pictures with tears streaming down her face. I love seeing the pictures, but they make me want a big hug and kiss on those sweet cheeks of Jack's. Keep sending the pictures, though, and I will keep on tearing up. Love you and miss you. Great Gran

Keva said...

So glad to hear you have made it and everyone is doing well. I cannot wait to follow your journey.
Can't wait to see pictures of this 750sqft apt.
Also, I may have missed a post, so I am not clear on who Hannah is. Has she come to help out for a while? Is she from Clarksville? Just curious. She has been mentioned in several posts.

Praying for you guys and the Gallery.

Anonymous said...

yep crying is just something I better be ready for as I open this blog. We miss Jack. and Patton still think yall are just on a trip. I guess maybe so a real long trip. We love you and miss you guys. Aunt Di