Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Pictures From The Past Week

Lillie wearing her first skirt

Jack put his sunglasses on Lillie

and Elliott

and telling me not to take his picture with his glasses on

The other night Jack went to bed around 8:00 and minutes later Aaron, Carmen, and Ezra showed up at our place to get some things Freddy had of Aaron's. Jack had already been put back to bed twice before they got here and told not to get out of the bed again. I'm sure he could hear us all talking and a minute or two after they got here Jack was calling for his Daddy to come in his room. Seconds later they both came out. Jack got to stay up later, eat ice cream, and play with Ezra... all after he was told not to get back out of bed! We kept telling him "this is just a special treat."

Lillie and Jack playing on our bed

The Boys

Jack and Elliott playing in Elliott's bed

Lillie trying to figure out whats going on in Elliott's bed
Saturday night we had family movie night and pulled out the sofa bed to lay/play on. Jack quickly discovered that he could get under the couch from behind the pulled out bed. I don't really know how to explain it. We used to do this with my cousins when we'd visit them and thought it was so cool. So this is Jack from what we could see through the crack between the back of the couch and the pulled out bed.

Sweet Lillie

Jack playing with his buddy in our Tuesday playgroup


angie said...

oh, i so remember the crawl behind the couch trick!! i am sure it was that lovely pea green and orange couch!!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute but Lillie's skirt is a little tooo short. I am surprised her daddy allowed that. LOL They are growing so much!!! Love Aunt Di

Anonymous said...

I love these random pictures. They are treasures. Hugs and Kisses, Great Gran

Bo and Katie Kitchen said...

Hey Susan, these pictures are great! I love the one of Lillie looking over at what Jack and Elliott are doing, precious! It sounds like ya'll are also having a hard time with moving from a crib to a bed. Any advice on what might work?!!

Melcy said...

What great pictures of your ADORABLE kiddos!

Danielle M. said...

i LOVE all the posting lately!! =)
My favorite picture is the one of Freddy and the boys ♥