Friday, June 12, 2009


A few conversations I've had with Jack lately.

1) About a month ago I was putting Jack in bed on night and he began talking about monsters. How they were coming, they were in his room, etc. I chalked it up as pretend and convinced him for the night that monsters were just for fun, not real.

A few weeks later while we were away at the Inter Varsity camp I was carrying him down the hall and this is what he said...

(in a whispered, deep voice)
Mommy, the monsters are in the hallway. They're coming. They're getting in their car. They'll be here in a minute....

Then in a loud, high pitched voice he said "THE TICKLE MONSTERS!!!" at the same time he went crazy tickling my neck.

I had no idea that's what he was getting at the first time we talked about monsters.

2) A few nights ago we had a bad thunder storm here during the night. The kids all slept through it but the next morning the sky grew really dark and it started up again, not as long as the night before. It thundered real loud. Jack said, "Mommy what was that?" "It was thunder Jack." "Mommy, can you turn it off?" "No Jack, God makes the thunder I can't turn it off." "Well maybe God will turn it off so I can go outside and play."

3) Jack is always "building" houses. Multiple times a day he stacks all the pillows on our bed and brings the ones from his bed and tells me he is building a house. The other morning he had all the cabinet doors open in the kitchen(4) and he said he built a house and told me which "room" he would be in. He was calling the tiny space between the open doors rooms.

"Jack, when you grow up you can build houses with Uncle Bubba. Does that sound fun?"

"Ummm Yeah. I go to Tennessee and I climb a wadder(ladder) and I go up,up, up(hands going up in the air) and I open kitchen doors!(his hands go out in front of him like he is opening french doors)"

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