Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jack and His Guitar

Today was the perfect day for Jack's guitar to come in the mail. I checked the status around lunch time and saw that it had been delivered, so I loaded Lillie and Elliott in their stroller and with Jack we headed down to the lobby. I told Jack we needed to check if there were any packages and he looked at me and very excitedly said "It's my GUITAR!" He knew it was coming this week and has been waiting. He loves it and has played with it all day. I does have music and Jack likes it loud! It's still a praise of mine that the neighbor to our left is elderly and probably can't hear anything going on over here.

He's in the middle of a song here.


Anonymous said...

Jack, I like your guitar. I can hear you playing and singing all the way to Tennessee. I am so glad you have a real one to strum now. Have fun with it. I love you, Great Gran

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Jack finally has a real guitar. Now he won't have to play the pillows, although it was so cute watching him.
Love you and enjoy the concerts!!
Aunt Bev

Anonymous said...

I love how he has his leg propped up. The makings of a star! He already a star in my book. Love,

The Boyds said...

Let me know how you guys like the guitar. We may have to invest in one soon. There is this bright red Epiphone in the window at Bloomindgdale's and every time we pass it, Ezra says, "Momma, have 'tar pease? No, momma (grabbing my face and nodding his head for emphasis like maybe I didn't understand) HAVE 'TAR pease..." He's not even two and he has already requested a guitar and a motorcycle. Sigh.