Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Kids

Jack hailing a taxi, it's his latest "New York" thing to do.
Lillie in the dress I (with lots of coaching from Great Gran) made for her

Sweet happy Elliott


James said... did great on the dress! Maybe I need to get some coaching from Gran also!

Kathy said...

James sewing? hmmmmm? Unfortunately the sewing thing skipped my generation!
The dress is adorable and all the pictures are as well! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Susan you did a great job on the dress. It's precious. Lillie looks like Freddy T in that picture and Elliot looks like you. They are precious and I love seeing the picture of Jack waving down a taxi, that is very cute.
Patti Smith

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. I check the blog several times a day just hoping to see some little tidbit.
All the pictures are precious and I think the stroller Mom's exercise class is neat.
Love Donna

Amber said...

Ha! ha!! The comment from James was actually me!!! James just said even though he is unemployed he is not getting that desperate yet!!!!!!