Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I Need To Talk...

Jack one night last week 30-45 minutes after I put him to bed.

J: (Jack yelling from his room) Mommmy!, Mommmy!
M: (Mommy going to check on Jack) Jack what do you need?
J: I need to talk.
M: What do you need to talk about?
J: I want to talk about Jesus
M: What about Jesus Jack?
J: Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
M: That's right Jack. Don't ever forget that, now it's time to go to bed.
a few minutes later
J: Mommmy! Mommmy!
M: Jack, Mommy said it was time to go to bed, what do you need?
J: Need to tell Great Gran about the Lord (pronounce Lord with a W sound instead of an L)

While Great Gran was here he tried everything to prolong going to sleep. I guess he knew I would talk to him about Jesus whereas if he said he wanted to talk about dogs there would have been no conversation. Clever kid!


Ron Edmondson said...

Susan, some of the greatest moments and memories of my boy's childhoods was their time delaying bedtime. It was their best "talk" time and when we laughed and bonded more than any other. Enjoy!!!! I would easily trade 30 minutes less sleep for the heart investment you are making.

You guys are great parents!

Danielle M. said...

That's so cute/adorable/refreshing :) great job, you guys!

At least it's better than when my brother was little. He tricked my aunt into thinking he had no idea who Jesus was. Scared her half to death!

Jamie said...

This is precious!

Mindy said...

Oh, yes. Children are very clever, especially about how to delay bedtime :)