Monday, June 21, 2010

Hairspray and Tattoos

We've had a great weekend with Freddy T.'s parents in town. I have a few pictures to share but most of them are on Freddy's Mom's camera. We meant to get them transferred but we never made it back up to our apartment to put them on my computer. Till then....

A little while ago I was printing some things off and when I came back in the other room Jack had a "special marker" in his hand. They are special and only used on special occasions because they are permanent. Jack got to use them this morning and I thought I put them all away, but apparently I missed one.

First I saw two blue lines running down the table. In a moment of panic I remembered in second grade using permanent marker for an art project and it bleeding through to our desks and our teacher using hair spray to get the marker off, so I ran to the bathroom and grabbed some. I tested a small spot to make sure the finish wouldn't come off. It was fine. I sprayed it on and with a little rubbing it came out. Thankfully! When I finished with that I looked at Jack and spoke to him making sure he knew not to do that again and this is what I saw.
When I asked what it was he said "They are trees... they're my tattoos!"



Katie said...

hehehe! Atleast it wasn't the carpet or your bedspread.
Conner did this to Matt's computer screen. Rubbing alcohol works to in case you are out of hairspray.

Anonymous said...

That's my boy!

Donna said...

You know I'm laughing! He's creative like his Mom.

Monroe Family said...

oh my! my niece got hold of a sharpie the other day...except she used it on the carpet!