Friday, July 02, 2010

The Kids

Our past week or so has been busy! Here are a few pictures of the kids.

Elliott has learned a trick from his Big Brother. Elliott is a climber and hard to keep an eye on.
This is in the window in our living room. There is a chair right beside it that the kids use as a ladder.
All 3 of them.

I gave Lillie and Elliott an Oreo cookie for a snack one day. Lillie was so mad when she could not have another one.

We spent a few hours out on the Courtyard one morning. Our courtyard is mostly shaded so it makes it a nice place to play. The kids all had new bubbles and our neighbors grandson was visiting, so there were extra toys out to play with.
I picked up some preschool workbooks for Jack. He more than likely won't go to preschool here, it's just way too expensive, so I'm working with him at home. We are using books Kumon workbooks. They lay out an easy to follow guide for teaching little ones. We are starting with Numbers 1-30, Upper Case Letters, and Using Scissors. Jack can identify most letters and his numbers already, but these workbooks are helping him learn to write the letters and numbers. And the cutting workbook helps him with his fine motor skills. He LOVES the cutting one.
I bought Lillie some headband with bows on them. I should have known she would not wear them, but they were buy one get one 1/2 off at Clarie's. Elliott on the other hand loved playing with them.

Lillie had more fun tackling Elliott.


Christi said...

I love it! They are so cute and they look like so much fun! (Although I know that "fun" for a momma can translate into a lot of trouble!!) Also, Charlie loves to cut too, but I can't get him to try to write anything but an "H"!

Donna said...

Thanks for posting the cute pictures. I always enjoy the glimpses they give us on what they are doing now. I immediately started smiling when I saw Elliott peeping through the blinds. They are all three so precious.

Great Gran said...

The children look like they are having so much fun. Cute pictures, as always. Love you all, Great Gran

Kristi Cherry said...

Love the pictures. Bubba saw the first picture and said, "Who is that?" He didn't even recognize Elliott. He has changed a lot since yall were here. His face is thinning out I think. So precious. I'd love to skype with yall the next time we're at mom and dads. We'll give you a call.

pam said...

Ok, is Elliott biting the blinds, that is funny! The one of them in the window scared me a little, even though they are adorable. And the pic of Lillie with the oreo cookie, just proves we women need dark chocolate at times! ha! These are great. You have your hands full. Will say a prayer right now. That is wonderful that Jack is learning his numbers and letters. Have a wonderful week! :) Blessings, pam

mom said...

Can't wait to get my hands on them!
Love Nay Nay

reg said...

Let's get my boy some bow ties!!

These kids are hilarious.