Thursday, July 22, 2010

Something New

I think the summer heat has slightly zapped my blogging motivation. That and my camera lenses was in the shop for a week ago after it took a small dive into the hardwood floor from my dresser. Anyway, I got my camera back up and working. These pictures are nothing great, but I had to show you Lillie's new trick. She can climb up into our dining table chairs. You can tell from the pictures that they are high off the ground.

The other night we discovered this when my phone was not working and Freddy T. and Jack were in the courtyard grilling, communicating with me up in the apartment about the timing of everything over Skype. My kids are all very familiar with Skype so when they hear the call ringing in they know exactly what it is and what to do. While Freddy T. was still pulled up on the computer and I was in the kitchen I came back to the table to find Lillie in the chair looking straight into the computer.

This morning we were chasing each other and once we were in the kids room I noticed Lillie had not followed. I came back around the corner and she was up in the chair finishing Jack's breakfast. Elliott is a good climber, really better than Lillie, but he hasn't venture up to the top of the chair yet. Lillie was feeding him every few bites.
I love this picture with Elliott's head popping over the edge of the table and Lillie getting ticked about it.
We are headed to vacation on Saturday and will be in and out of NYC for a few weeks. We are really looking forward to time with family and a little vacation. I don't think we'll have easily accessible Internet in the place we are staying, so I probably won't post anything, but get ready for a big update when we get back!


Donna said...

I also like the picture of Elliott's head popping up. Can't wait to see all of you. Two more days!

Christi said...

They are getting so big!! Ya'll have fun and be careful while you're gone!

pam said...

These babies/big kids now, are adorable! Have fun on vacation.