Monday, June 07, 2010

A New Discovery!

Monday is Freddy T.'s day off and we try to get out on the town and do something fun on that day. It's a little challenging in the winter, but we're having so much fun now that the weather is nice and warm. Today we set off toward Central Park with a mission to ride on the CP Carousel and play in Sheep's Meadow. Sheep's Meadow is just a huge open field, lots of room to run and play. After the carousel we spotted what looked like a play ground we'd never been to before and Jack really wanted to play on a play ground today rather than run in the field, so we ventured over to it. WOW! We had no idea this was here! It was the best play ground in Central Park if you're looking for water features. We didn't bring any towels or swim gear, but there was no stopping our 3 monkeys once they were let free to run.

They were all 3 soaking wet when we got ready to leave. There are a lot of pictures, but I wanted to try to give the best perspective of what the play ground looked like.

First, on most any given Monday when we head to the Upper West Side our first stop is at Joe's. It is Freddy T.'s favorite coffee spot on the UWS.
Jack's favorite pizza spot is Pizza Pete's, so we snagged him a piece before heading to the park.

The Carousel was fun, but it went fast. Not so fast you got sick, but fast enough that I don't really care to ride it again. Lillie was on it for about 30 seconds then she wanted me to hold her. Once I got her off she rode the rest of the time with her head on my shoulder. I guess it scared her a little.
Elliott riding the carousel.
Jack loved it!

After the carousel, walking toward the park, we passed some baseball fields. Freddy T. was teaching Jack how to run around the bases.

Now to the play ground!
This is a view from where Jack is standing in the picture below.
The water from these sprinklers ran down a very long winding path that eventually ended up in the fountains.
Jack running down the water path.
Jack just climbed down this ladder into a little tunnel.
This was looking from the big kids area over to the toddler area and sand pit.
I love how the buildings form the back ground of the park.
Elliott loves stepping on the water fountains.
Lillie climbing the little walls.
Right outside the train stop at Columbus Circle there was an ice cream truck. Our family loves ice cream, so we all 5 split a "Rainbow Sprinkle Sundae" per Jack's request.
Freddy T. played airplane with them as he put the spoon in their mouths. They loved it!

Today was pretty much summed up by Freddy T. "After today it is clear that we have yet to discover some of the best places in this city."


Katie said...

I think that is the park that the Duggars went to when they came to the city. Is it sad that I know that?

kathy said...

I want to go there when I come up - whenever that may be!
Looks like fun! Love, NayNay

The Fitzgerald's said...

I love new discoveries! And I love having options! THAT park was waaaay cool!! That will def. be a stop on our map if we're ever up there!!

Anonymous said...

What a great looking park. Glad everyone had so much fun.

Oh and I LOVE Jack's haircut!!! He looks soooo CUTE....

Bev said...

That was Aunt Bev who loves Jack's haircut.

Love you guys, too.

Anonymous said...

wow Looks like yall had a great day. I think it is great that you guys have a day with daddy during the week very neat!!! Aunt Di

pam said...

Beautiful and fun park. I too, like the skyline. Oh Jack, I am jealous! It has been so long since I have had "TRUE" New York style pizza. That looked so delicious! Joe's coffee is Awesome!So glad that your family has the opportunity to enjoy fun family days with great memories. The city is amazing. You seem to bring the best out of it Susan. :) Enjoy the rest of your week. How are your tuesdays "free" going?

Christi said...

That looks so great! How fun! BTW - thanks Freddy for sending messages to our VBSers!!