Friday, June 04, 2010

Last Saturday

*I've been catching up from the past week or so, so be sure to keep scrolling to catch a few other post.*
Last Saturday was such a fun family day. We got out sort of early and headed to one of the play grounds in Central Park. We were there for a little while. We ran into some friends that we had met on the Upper West Side while we lived there. We enjoy their company and they have a son a year younger than Jack. They had a fun time playing together.
Elliott trying to decide where to go first.

Lillie could play in a sandbox all day long... give her a shovel and a pail and she'll pour sand in and out all day long.

Jack likes driving the cars around the outside ledge... complete with "vroom vroom" noises.
A day at the play ground is not complete with out a little scuffle in the sand!
Elliott could slide all day long. Down, back up, down again, over and over.

At this particular play ground Jack always spends a good bit of time "steering the ship."
Jack wants to go high in the swing so badly, but he's just a little scared. This is his expression every single time it gets a little too high for his preference.

Daddy teaching Jack how to hold the bat.
The Wyatt boys.

After naps we loaded up the stroller again and headed down to Harlem Pier Park on the Hudson River. It's just a few blocks from our house. We went to Fairway (the best grocery store in Manhattan, in my opinion) and got dinner and ate it on the piers, then the kids played in the "little fountains."

Finally, back home, three in the tub, then three in the bed!


Brittney said...

All the recent updates are awesome! What great pictures too. Man, that Lillie is gonna be a heartbreaker - she reminds me a lot of Anna for some reason. And I love Jacks new haircut - I was hoping to see your new do too - hehehehe. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. Love being included on the Wyatt family fun :)

pam said...

This looks like they had a grand day! Ela loved sand when she was little. and the tub would be full especially trying to get it out of her hair! What fun memories they will share with the photos you take. Blessing :)

Donna said...

Thanks for posting pictures. They look like they are really enjoying the summer. They are changing so fast!