Saturday, June 12, 2010

Snapshot Of Our Week

It's been a pretty average week here at the Wyatt home. Nothing too exciting to report. My trip to the post office and Rite Aid today is another story. I'll just list the pros and cons:

Let's start with the pros.
1. Jack was at the Children's Museum with Freddy T. and then went to a meeting with him so I was alone with Lillie and Elliott. This made our outing easier because there was one less body standing on the stroller.

2. It was overcast and a little cooler so the 11 block walk there and back again wasn't so bad.

The cons.
1. When I got one block from the post office (it's at 146th, I live on 135th) I noticed Lillie only had one shoe on. Great. It's not the first time one of my kids have pulled their shoe off in public and dropped it with out me knowing, but this was Lillie's ONLY pair of shoes. She has no other. So for the next few days she'll be wearing boy shoes until her new pair gets delivered. Now for a pro. I did get to order her new shoes, her old ones weren't a pretty white anymore. And they had one pair of the water shoes I've been looking for for her left in her size so I got those too.

2. I noticed half way home when I heard Lillies paci hit the ground that Elliott's was missing. Who knows where that thing is now.

3. While we were in Rite Aid wrapping up my shopping I noticed Elliott had a bottle of hand sanitizer in his hands and had unscrewed the pump and had been using it generously. Lillie was mad that she didn't have any. The isles are so tight, going through with a double stroller is asking for my kids to be thieves. Before we walked out of the store I took one more look to make sure they weren't holding something they didn't need to be and Elliott had a pack of gum, I had to walk it back to the check out counter. And by the way the line was 10 deep with only 2 cashiers.

4. The sink in our hall bathroom sprung a leak yesterday so I called our super. Willie to come take a look at it. I have a very hard time communicating with him because his English is broken, but he is a very nice guy and super helpful. While he was in the bathroom working on the sink, Lillie and Elliott were eating lunch. Every time I said "Lillie," Willie would look up from the bathroom like and ask if I was talking to him. Crazy!

Other little bits about our week.

Freddy T. took all the kids to breakfast Friday morning to Bus Stop Cafe at the corner of our street. I had to change diapers and get them in the stroller, he then took them to breakfast with the idea that I could sleep a little longer. 45 minutes later they are heading home and I get a phone call. Elliott had just thrown up and my help was needed as soon as they got home. It was a good effort on FT's part, but a little unsuccessful as far as Mommy rest time. This was on their way out.
Elliott loves bear hugging Lillie and it gets on her nerves so much
Friday night is popcorn and M&M and movie night on the sofa bed at the Wyatt's. Last nights feature, a regular on Movie Night, Toy Story!
Lillie and Elliott are enjoying brushing their teeth these days. Don't worry... I do it for them most of the time.
And finally... I couldn't resist these pictures.


Donna said...

Great pictures! Lillie and Elliott are changing so much. Love the picture of them brushing their teeth.

Great Gran said...

I never tire of looking at pictures of all the great grandchildren. You and Amber do a good job letting us in on all the acativities and being able to see them grow and change,

Big Apple Angie said...

I LOVE the bear hug picture! That's going to be very cute when you put in their high school yearbooks one day =)

B.J. Caulfield said...

Never a dull moment! :)

I love the pic of Freddy and Jack watching Toy Story. :D

Brittney said...

I love this post. I love how you write - I love the pictures. Your kids are precious. I noticed too the cute little clips in Lillie's hair because her hair is so long - I just bought some for Anna and those are also items that seem to turn up lost quite frequently!!!!

Kathryn said...

lillie is sooo pretty! and i think elliot looks like trevor in the bottom picture. but i love jack's haircut, short hair on boys is so cute!!

pam said...

looks like Elliott's hair is getting lighter, blondish red? And all the pictures are terrific! Hope the sink is fixed, send Willie here to fix my leaky kitchen faucet please! :) Lillie's eyes are big and beautiful. The pic of Jack and FT, they look so comfy and relaxed. What a great idea, popcorn and M&Ms. yum! Hope your week is wonderful! Blessing.

rachie said...


They are getting so big! I used to think they changed so much as babies but now it seems like they change from post to post. Hope you guys are having fun and staying cool up has been HOT here. Let's skype should see my expanding waistline! :)