Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In case you haven't met Lillie and Elliott in person,
maybe this picture of the way they look after spaghetti
will tell you a little about their personalities.


Amber said...

I love Lillie's curls!!!! They both are so cute! We miss you guys. Karlee talks about you all the time!
Aunt Amber

Melcy said...

Susan, this is absolutely hilarious. I love them!!

Donna said...

It tells me they like their sphaghetti!

Anonymous said...

love it!

Great Gran said...

I love those spaghetti faces.

Anonymous said...

It tells me that they like their spaghetti and that Lillie is exhibiting artistic tendencies.
And her hair is curling! Precious.


The Fitzgerald's said...

lillie looks like the girl from Charlie and the Chocolate factory as she is turning in to the blueberry. clark and i laughed so hard!!!

Amber said...

I thought the same things about the little girl in the Chocolate Factory! I laughed pretty hard too!

Christi said...

That's awesome!