Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our First Family Documentary

I have a little updating to do but I'll start with this morning. Last week I got an email from Freddy and the only thing written in it was "go for it." Then attached was an email from some guys doing a research documentary looking for families with a child under 2 to interview and film them doing daily activities. There was a pay incentive with it, so I emailed the guy. I heard back from him a day later asking several questions about our family and wanting a family photo and pictures of our apartment. I gave him all the information and set up a taping for this morning. I told him I would not mention the details of their work on the blog but he allowed me to take pictures. It was a neat experience.

They interviewed me for 2 hours. Lot's about bonding with your child, changes in our generation verses past generations as far as parenting goes, questions about what kind of baby products I use and my experience from finding out I was pregnant to caring for an infant. Lots and lots of questions and conversation. Then they filmed some scenes of our daily routine. Diaper changing, Elliott had to take a bath, I had to pretend to put Lillie to bed, playing on the computer with Jack (which they don't usually do), Jack reading books with them, lunch time, etc...

Here is what our living room looked like:

Testing the sound, lighting, and camera angle.
They used part of the play kitchen to block out the lower light.
This was when Jack walked in from the park, he didn't know what was going on.

"Two thumbs up, we're ready to roll."
Right after the kids were shot working with puzzles on our bed.
Formatting disks from the camera from earlier footage.
Bad shot of this guy, but he was filming lunch.

This guy filming Jacks art work on the back of our apartment door.
Some of the equipment in our kitchen.


Mandy Greene said...

WOW, we will get to see the end result???? How exciting!!!

Bo and Katie Kitchen said...

How neat!! I'm with Mandy, is this something where we can see the end result?

Christi said...

Wow, that's crazy...and exciting! Can't wait to hear more!

Kristi Cherry said...

"First" family documentary! Ha ha! How crazy is that? Cameras and lights in your living room? Do they know that they are documenting not just any ol' mom? But that you're SuperMom?

I can't wait to see it. How exciting!

pam said...

OH Wow! This is exciting and pretty wild! I had a similar experience. The equipment overtakes your home! Can't wait to see the documentary of the Supermom and amazing children. Hope your day is wonderful. Hugs :)

Donna L said...

Now that is a crazy day! Can't wait to hear how they use it!! What fun!

Anonymous said...

Would love to know what Jack is telling the camera men as he leans against the sofa. I can imagine the expression on his face. I hope he remembers some of the things he is experiencing at this early age. Love, Great Gran

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Susan, that's awesome. Did the kids behave any different with all the changes and different people in your home? I bed Noah and Alina wouldn't have been themselfes.
Love you, Antje