Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Bronx Zoo

On Freddy T.'s day off this past Monday we went to the Bronx Zoo. We have a zoo membership that covers 4 zoos in the city and 1 aquarium. It's a great deal if you frequent them often. One Zoo is in Central Park and we go their pretty regularly, but the Bronx Zoo is even closer (if you drive, it's a little over an hour on the train). Anyway, we weren't there very long since we can go when ever we want and we didn't see a fraction of the zoo, but we did hit up the tigers and a few other attractions then spent the majority of our time in the Children's Zoo.
In the parking lot on our way in.
The Rhino with a missing horn.
Jack wanted to see the Tigers first.
"Daddy look at the crocodile."
"And the deer."
Luckily for Jack the "World of Birds" was closed.
These buffalo (or maybe they were bison) looked like they were struggling.
Jack my prairie dog.
Jack the Lemur.
Lillie and Elliott checking out the animals in the Children's Zoo.
This bunny was Jack's favorite. He was in the cage alone and while we were standing there the started running in circles. Jack loved it.
And I can't believe he let the goats eat out of his hand. This is the kid who is scared of birds and he'll let the got lick his hand... I don't get it.
Jack and Daddy


Great Gran said...

I am so glad that you are taking advantage of so many of the things there are to do in NYC. So nice to keep up with all you do on your blog. Love you all.

James said...

I laughed when I saw that the bird area was closed.

pam said...

I always wanted to go see the tigers first thing too, Jack! What a nice time. Did Elliott and Lillie enjoy it too. That sounds like a good deal how you get to use several zoos and even an aquarium for family fun. Yes, sooo much to do in NYC, glad yall are able to participate. Blessings to your family

pam said...

oh one more thing, Ela thought the little pop up clear viewing thingys were really cool. I did too, was that under a cave or hill? very interesting.

B.J. Caulfield said...

Aw, is Jack scared of birds? I am too! :) I feel for him!

Christi said...

That many zoos?!?! We'd have a field day!