Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Little Catching Up

These pictures are in no particular order, just a few glimpses into our past week.
She just looked really cute to me... that's the only reason for this one.
The kids love laying on Jack's bed and letting me get all the animals out of the animal net. They think it is so funny when they all fall on them.
Then of course they have to stand up and throw the animals off the side of the bed.
Elliott had his first sucker the other day. Jack gave him a coconut flavored one, so I'm not sure it was the best first experience, but maybe that will work to my benefit later on. Lillie was still sleeping so she missed out.
This was a LOUD activity. Jack gave them all pans and spoons, they all had a blast.

I also found a new blog that I've enjoyed reading. I come across a lot of cool blogs that catch my attention, but then I usually get bored with them (not the ones where I actually know the people). This one has a lot of crafty ideas. There are days when I wish I could just lock myself in a fully stocked craft room and make things. I have my eyes on these cool book slings. Space is a precious thing here in NYC and I have an idea of where to hand one or two of these. They are basically flat against the wall, so they function like a shelf but don't take up as much room. I hope I get to test them out soon.


Katie said...

Ooo, oooo. I love that. That is a great idea. Now I have another project to my list! I am pretty sure that Matt has given up on me ever cleaning the house.

The Mitchell's said...

Love the sling. That will be added to my project list. We are making MGF's bed this coming sunday. I'll psot pics soon.

Melcy said...

Those book slings are awesome! I want to make them with you!!

Anonymous said...

I like the book sling idea, especially for a small apartment, but I like looking at pictures of my great grandchildren more. Hugs to all. Great Gran

pam said...

ok, i almost forgot about the adorable pictures of kids. the book slings are so cool! I LOVE them! What a great discovery, thanks for sharing.

Christi said...

I'm with you on the day in a stocked craft room...I'd have so much fun! And I am LOVIN' the book slings! I may have to seriously check that out here one day soon!!