Sunday, November 09, 2008

Twins Update

Greetings from the Big Apple! Susan was discharged this morning and is at home right now freshening up. She got to hold Lillie this morning for about 10 minutes. They took Lillie off the c-pap but kept her on oxygen. After she held her, they put Lillie back on the c-pap. Her breathing rate right now is okay, but the quality of her breaths are not what we want them to be. She's still working a little to hard to breathe. The doctors still haven't diagnosed her with TTN or HMD, but it is looking like TTN. She has not gotten any worse, but has yet to make the progress she needs to make. The Lord has been so gracious in giving us joy that absorbs any potential fear. We are so grateful for their arrival and two non-c-section births. Elliott is eating good. Lillie was put under the lights this morning too because her billyruben was a little low. They gave her some breast milk through a tube and she spit a little back up. At the next feeding they will see if she has digested the rest of it, and if she has they will giver her the same about as before, 15 cc's.

Today we met Sharon and Sharar. They have two that were born @ 27 weeks. Today their babies have been in the NICU for two weeks. We have benfited from their two weeks of learning the NICU details and care and have been inspired by their strength and care for their babies.

There is a set of six babies that are also in the NICU here. In all there are 47 babies in the NICU.

We've received the reports from all over for the prayers and we are so grateful. He is listening.

I actually broke away this morning for about an hour to preach in our morning service. Our other pastor is in GA preaching at one of our partner churches. It was great to be with the church family of the church plant here. We miss you all. God is giving us the mercy we need and our hearts are filled with joy.


Anonymous said...

Freddy and Susan,

So glad that Susan is home and that the twins are holding there own. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Hannah has also done a great job on updates! I pray that the twins will get to come home real soon!

Missy Rye

Amber said...

Thanks for the update....God will take care of little Lillie. We love you guys.
aunt amber

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. We can't stop thinking about those precious babies. Glad your home, Susan. Hope you are feeling ok and can get some rest before the twins come home. We will continue to pray for you all.

Love you
Aunt Bev

Angela said...

Congratulations to you both! Know that we're praying for you guys and your little ones!

pam said...

Freddy & Susan,

Glad to hear that Susan is home and KNOW that she is so glad to be in her own shower! I do pray for Lillie and Elliott to be able to come home soon. Nice to have the "experience of others with babies born at 27 weeks" to kind of show yall the ropes. I am glad that you are feeling God's awesome comfort and no fear! Praise The Lord! Thank you for your updates. Good that you were able to preach this morning to your congregation. God is so good. Love yall and in prayer, pam

Benjamin Cripps said...

Hello Wyatts!
Adon had TTN when he was born. It is scary, but full of hope, we pray that the Lord will lead you through this! It is a good reminder from the outset of parenthood that we are fully dependent on Him to supply our needs!
Hope ya'll are doing well up there!