Saturday, November 15, 2008

All in a week and one day

It's been a full week for the Wyatt family. The twins are doing really well. Elliott is off of everything and not using the heater in the incubator. Maybe tomorrow when I get to the hospital he will be in a "normal" bed. Lillie has made huge progress in just a few days. She is off of oxygen and the high flow tubes and off of fluids. She may even be with Elliott in the morning. I would love that! They have been apart since they were born. Gran and Gramps came to visit on Wednesday, they will be here a few days. They have been a great help and we've really enjoyed having them here with us.

Gran and Gramps with Lillie

Gran and Gramps with Elliott

When we got to the hospital this morning the nurses had made a bow for Lillies little hat, so sweet and cute. Very girly!
Tonight our neighbor, Mrs. Doris (who is 87 years old), rang our doorbell with a gift for the twins and Jack. She got the twins these onesies and Jack a set of puzzle blocks (don't have a picture of those, but they are very cute.)

I slept in this morning, well till 8:00 and came home before the 5:00 feeding this evening, trying to rest a little, but tomorrow morning I'm back in the swing of things. Pray that Lillie will keep making progress in breathing on her own. Pray that Elliott can maintain his body temperature without loosing weight. If he does he may be able to come home Monday. It's not too late right now, so I'm signing off for the evening. Thanks so much for your prayers, the Lord is giving us strength to keep up with this journey and he is answering prayers that have gone up on behalf of our babies. We are grateful.


Keva said...

Girl you r just a pillar of strength. Amazing! The kiddos look great.

Praying for you guys as you begin another new phase.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Great news! We met William, Glenna, and Isaiah in Paducah today. Isaiah is so cute. We had a great day. So glad Lillie and Elliott are improving.

Anonymous said...

Those little shirts are absolutely adorable. I would have gotten them had I seen those. Too cute. I have gone into proud Aunt mode and had Scott help me figure out my photo printer (which I haven't ever used) to print some of the pictures from the blog to have at church tomorrow. They are soooo cute. Mom and Dad look so satisfied to be able to be there. I am so glad they were able to get to hold and spend time with them as well as Jack. I can't wait to come after the new year. Aunt Di

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Both Elliott and Lillie are so adorable. Can't wait for them to be together. I remember when Spencer and Mikayla were put together for the first time. It was so cute. They immediately held hands. Very emotional! We will keep praying. Sounds like all the prayers are working.

Love you guys,
Aunt Bev

Anonymous said...

Sounds Like Aunt Bev is suggesting to have your camera with you when you go the next few days. Aunt Di

Anonymous said...

God is Good, isn't he? I am so happy that Gran and Gramps got to come and hold the babies and see Jack as well. We are praying that everyone will get to come home soon and that Jack will adjust quickly to the new brother and sister. We are also praying for strength for all of the adults who will need it when the babies get home. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures - they are just precious!

Susan Smith

christi said...

I know you are so tired! It's so great to hear how the Lord is sustaining you! Maybe all of this will make it seem easy to have newborn twins and a 2 year old in a tiny apartment!!! (Said very sarcastically with a smile on my face!) Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

We do serve an amazing God!!!PTL that both Elliott and Lillie are doing well. They are both adorable and the outfits are so cute. We are praying for your fam.

pam said...

Dear Susan, I think Lillie looks like you! She is beautiful. The bow on the hat is so "coutoure"! lol. I am so glad to hear of the report of things going well with Freddy's parents visit. These are awesome memory photos. I pray that both Elliott and Lillie will be going home soon and your family can adjust to living at home on somewhat of a good schedule. Hope you are doing well. Give yourself a big hug and Hannah and Jack too! Take good care. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan, I don't even remember how I came across your blog, but it was about the time you guys answered the call for NYC. I've been following and praying ever since! Our God is so Great, and He has done great things for us! I am praising Him for His goodness to you guys! I'm praying for those sweet babies, Hannah (who I watched while working at Miss Patsi's years ago!)as she cares for Jack and also continues to seek God's will for her own life. I'm also asking The Lord for strength for you and FreddyT, and still praying for souls saved in NYC. Psalm 40:1-3
Shannon (Benda) Slusser
I went to school with Diana.

Anonymous said...

Lillie looks like a diva with her new hat on. That is so cute. I love the pictures, thanks for sharing them with us.

Patti Smith