Sunday, November 09, 2008

2 Days Old

I'm home! Good to be home. Here in NYC you don't have a private room after delivery unless you pay a lot of extra money, we chose to opt out of that, therefore I had a roommate. I won't get into the details but it was a very interesting and heartbreaking experience. I am so thankful for a supportive, loving, caring husband. It's easy to forget how good we have it till you are reminded by others you are around.

Anyway, onto the babies. I've really enjoyed feeding and bonding with Elliott. He is doing so well. Today when I went down he was wearing a shirt and his hat was off. We had our first glance at his hair, he is so beautiful.
I got to hold Lillie for the first time today and it was special. It's hard to bond with her right now because she is always in her incubator and connected to so many tubes, but I was grateful for the chance to love on her for a few minutes. Tonight when we went back to feed Elliott we checked in on Lillie and she was out so the nurse could change the sheets in her bed and her hat was off, so we got a quick picture of her with her hair showing too. She has a head full! She is a beautiful little girl as well, we are anxious for her to make some progress so we can love on her as much as we get to with Elliott right now.Jack is doing wonderful. Having a good time with Hannah. After church tonight Freddy, Hannah and Jack came by the hospital so I could spend a few minutes with Jack today. He was excited to see me till he spotted these round looking, balloon shaped seats for little kids around a table. He quickly was distracted from Mommy. Then he spotted the snack and coke machine and was entertained by pushing buttons. A few minutes later he crawled up in his stroller, Freddy asked where he was going and he said, "I want to go to Starbucks!" We're pretty sure this was his first real complete sentence!For now I'll spend the majority of my days at the hospital so I can feed Elliott, and Lillie as she is able, every 3 hours. Thanks for your prayers, the Lord is sustaining us and giving us a great joy and hope.


pam said...

Dear Susan, I am so proud of you. You sound wonderful. You are so right, Elliott is beautiful and they are both lovely! The pic of Lillie with her hat off, she kind of resembles Jack a little. Jack saying his first complete sentence WOW! And how appropriate for your family! I pray strength for each moment, as that is what God promises us! I love you and pray for you daily. I do pray the babies get to come home soon, and Lillie is able to be snuggled and bond with you soon. Hope you are feeling well. In His Grace, pam The pictures are amazing! God is so good!Thank you for taking the time to type out your hearts thoughts.

angie said...

so precious!! i am so happy for you, freddy, and jack. we are praying for all of you...especially lillie.


rachie said...

We are so proud that Bucks is living up to his name and we want to come ride with him on the Choo-Choo real soon. :) Glad to hear that you are home and hope that you get good rest in between feedings. Love to all of the Wyatt clan!

Anonymous said...

It brings me so much joy (and tears) to see the pictures of these precious babies. They are beautiful, I still have a hard time believeing they are here and we have twins in the family. Their great, great grandmother would be thrilled to death. She wished that on one of her daughters, and I thought, why? Even though Lillie is crying in her picture I can see favor in them. Jack looks like he has grown so much in the month you have been gone. See that he gets to go to "Buck's" whenever he wants to. Give Lillie, Elliott and Jack a kiss for me and love to their Mom and Dad. Great Gran

Anonymous said...

Your babies are adorable...We will be praying for you guys especially Lillie.. I pray the Lord continues to give your family strength and encouragement.
Praying for you guys in East TN.
Michelle and Jay