Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This is going to be picture heavy, you've been forewarned!  

We had such a great time out Trick-or Treating last night.  I think it may have been Elliott's best night of his life so far.  They all had fun, but he was REALLY into it.  If you've tracked with us for the past few years you already know the Halloween drill here in Manhattan, but in case you don't there are lots of pictures to give you an idea.  We stayed on 1st Ave. between 14th and 23rd St.  It took us roughly 2 hours to walk that stretch and go in and out of the stores.  Here in Manhattan the majority of people go to stores for Trick-or-Treating, unlike the suburb neighborhood.  There is something about it being a whole community event that I like.  It feels strange, but so many stores participate.  The kids just run in and go to the check out counter of a deli, or the bar at Starbucks, or the hostess stand in a restaurant.   It's lots of fun.  

Without further ado...  

Introducing Jack the Pirate
 Lillie the Ballerina Pirate
(only added the ballerina part because she declared that's what she wanted to be 2 minutes before walking out the door.... so we added the necklace)
 and Elliott the Pirate.

I had planned on making these bags for them last year, but just got around to it this year.  My friend Melissa and I made them for our kids on the Gallery Church Retreat.  
 At the dry cleaners across the street from our apartment

  Jack and his buddy Ryan.

 Barber Shop
 Laundry Mat
 At the Bagel shop they got bagels instead of candy... they ate them for breakfast this morning!

 Another Deli
 At Dunkin Donuts they got a whole donut at one and a donut hole at the other one.

I have some pictures to share from Fright Night at Jack's school in the next post... need to get them off my phone.


Gran said...

Love the pictures...Was just wishing I could see them in their costumes, went to the blog, just thinking maybe. Thanks for posting. Looks like they had a great time.

Kathy said...

What cute little pirates they are! Glad they had fun. Love all of the pictures! Mom
P.S. Did you just change your blog layout?

Lee Ann said...

Susan - Glad you are making great Halloween memories. I miss our River Bend Halloweens with all the kids, family, and your friends coming to our house. Jack reminds me of Frank, who loved the whole Halloween thing! They are the cutest pirates I have ever seen! Lee Ann