Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Fright Night @ PS 40

Fright Night is a big production at PS 40. The volunteers really go all out to make it a fun event for the kids and families of the school. What made it especially crazy on Saturday was that it snowed all day long. We met up in the lobby of the apartment building of one of the 2 families we were going with. The wind was blowing hard and the very wet snow was falling as we trekked on over to the school. It was probably the least desirable activity to do when that's what's going on outside, but we were committed to go and Jack was excited to spend the evening with his buddies Ryan and John. I didn't take my camera because of the weather, so all I have are a few phone pictures, not good quality, but a few cute pictures.
 Jack Pumpkin Bowling
 His prize from Pumpkin Bowling
 Ryan, Jack, and John
 Hula Hoop Toss
 Corn Hole
 Face Painting.  He requested a blue turtle.
 They got to vote on the best Jack-O-Lantern... he voted for #22
We ran into 2 other kids from his class, so we tried to get a picture... not very successful.

We had so much going on this weekend that we ended up skipping our neighborhood party on Sunday.  Maybe next year!

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