Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Lillie and Elliott!

This past weekend we celebrated Lillie and Elliott's 3rd birthday.  3 years old... time has gone by fast.  Jack's 3rd birthday was fairly simple, so we stuck to that for Lillie and Elliott's 3rd.  They still aren't fully aware of what it means to have a big party.  My mom and aunt were in town, so the 7 of us celebrated together.  We had dinner at Numero 28 in the East Village and came home for cupcakes and presents.

Lillie and Elliott, you two are more and more fun each day.  You are a huge gift to Mommy and Daddy and we love you so much.  
Lillie, Elliott, and Nay Nay
Jack headed out the door to dinner.
 Elliott !
 Lillie and Elliott waiting for their cupcakes.
 Lillie blowing out her candles... Jack trying to get in on the action.
 We missed a picture of Elliott actually blowing out his candles, so he demonstrated for a picture.
 Elliott opening up his Mickey Mouse Choo Choo Express DVD... 5 minutes later he got a hold of the case and tried to get the DVD out by himself and snapped it in half.  We replaced it at Toys R Us on his actual birthday.
 In our family when you turn 3 you get to chew gum.  Jack, being the good big brother he is, gave Lillie and Elliott their very own Bubble Tape.
 Lillie opening part of her gift from Nay Nay, 3 pairs of play high heels!
Till next year!  Happy Birthday!


Donna said...

So glad we got to be a part of the birthday festivities. It was fun! I'm already looking forward to Christmas. I really like your new home and the neighborhood is great. Love all of you. Dee Dee

kathy said...

Had so much fun with all of you and thankful for the beautiful weather we had. Thanks for letting us share your space for a few days! Glad we get to see you again in 6 weeks! Love Mom (Nay Nay)