Monday, November 14, 2011


It was beautiful here on Saturday.  A little chilly, but a perfect fall day.  Freddy T. took the kids out for breakfast so I could straighten up, or as Jack would say "Mommy, we are going to eat breakfast with Daddy.  You can stay home and do your chores."  I actually like doing my "chores" when I'm home alone :)  Anyway, on their way to breakfast they found a spot in our neighborhood with lots of leaves and played for a while.  Later in the morning I took them back out to play and to get a few pictures.  Jack told me later that night he had a lot of fun playing in the leaves not with me, but when Daddy took them.  He proceeded to tell me that  Daddy  made big piles for them to jump in and I didn't.  

 This one is funny to me because Elliott is pouting in the background.

 Sweet Elliott playing in the leaves.

 Running to jump in a pile of leaves... a small pile according to Jack :)

 We went to the playground for a few minutes.  I told the them to run like wild kids and Lillie threw out her arms and took off.

 Jack laying in the pile shielding his eyes from the sun and Lillie throwing leaves.

A few pictures of some trees in our neighborhood.  They have been really pretty.

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kathy said...

Fun pictures! Love the one with Elliott pouting! Love, Mom