Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fire Fighter, Kitty, and Monkey!

Halloween on a Sunday is a bummer if your Dad is the pastor of a church and has to preach at the exact time that trick-or-treating begins! I wasn't going to venture out with the kids since Freddy couldn't come this year. I knew Lillie and Elliott were clueless and I don't think Jack really remembers last year, so it would not have been a big deal to relax at home, but I had this "guilty mom" feeling if I stayed in and didn't let them get out and enjoy the holiday. Plus, they did all have costumes, so this morning, with Freddy's encouragement, I enlisted my friend Regina to come along with us.

We hopped on the train and went down to the Upper West Side to meet Regina at her apartment. I think I blogged about this last year, but just to refresh your memory, trick-or-treating looks very different in Manhattan than most places. The majority of trick-or-treating is done in stores, not at houses/apartments. I'll show you in a minute. There are 2 little streets on the Upper West Side that are blocked off and the residents go all out with decorating the stoops of their brownstones, and it is a lot of fun to walk through those. Fun and crowded!
Onto the pictures! This year I present to you...

Jack the fearless firefighter!
Lillie the cute, pink kitty. When I ordered the costumes I just looked at pictures, not any descriptions, and thought I had ordered a pig. When I opened the package I realized it was a pink cat instead. Oh well... a cute one she was!
Elliott, our silly (and cute) little monkey!
On the train.
This is the only group shot I have. I don't know what happened to my camera. I only took 30 something pictures and it told me my card was full.
Stop 1. A nail salon called Dashing Diva.
Dunkin Donuts
This is West Side Kids, my favorite toy store in the city. How on earth they were out of candy, I don't understand. I figured they would be fully stocked. Since they ran out we let Jack play at the train table for a few minutes.
A deli.
Some Thai restaurant.
Spice, our favorite Chinese take out when we lived in the neighborhood.
Some decorations on 90th between Columbus and Central Park West. This was our street of choice this year for the more neighborhood feel.
A few of the Flintstones handing out candy.
This was the lobby of a building on Amsterdam.
Our last stop was dropping Regina back off at her apartment. Jack ran inside and got one last piece of candy from her doorman.


Donna said...

I've been watching for this. They all look so cute! I'm glad you got out with them. I bet Jack will remember this next year. You should have a good supply of candy. I bet they got some in the mail too.

rachie said...

Love the costumes! Love monkey in his costume too! :) Jonathan and I got a kick out of the new backpacks/leashes!

reg said...

wait, so you were disappointed when Lillie was going to be a kitty instead of a PIG?

Had a great time. Hope you would have asked even without FTW's encouragement.

Lee Ann said...

Glad you got out with the kids! They look adorable. Sam and I had a quiet Halloween. Frank and Kathryn went to friends houses; made me nostalgic for years past when everyone came to our house, including you and your friends. Good memories!

Anonymous said...

Tell Regina I said thanks for helping you take the kids trick-or-treating. I know it was tempting to let it slide but you are a good Mother. They all look so cute in their costumes. Lillie didn't need to be a pig anyway. Love to all, Great Gran

B.J. Caulfield said...

Cuties! Love the different trick or treat feel going to different stores. :) Sounds like fun!

Gran said...

So thankful for skype. Loved seeing them in their costumes. We never know what memories our kids will have so you did a good thing.

kathy said...

Meant to tell you on the phone today how much I loved the halloween pictures! Love, Mom

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