Friday, July 01, 2011

Welcome to Our New Apartment!

This is becoming a somewhat yearly blog post. Welcome to our new home!
(our first NYC apartment on the Upper West Side)
(our second NYC apartment in Harlem)

There are still a handful of things we need to do, but welcome!

I can't remember what all Freddy T. shared with you about our new place, but we are living in a 1 bedroom apartment. Our living room is so large we have made the back part of it our bedroom. I've kind of been wanting new bedding. Yesterday I put the tan quilt over the bed and folded up our red on at the foot. It's a nice change and it kind of helps our bed not stick out so bad when you first come into our apartment. Now I want to get a new bed skirt that has some pattern in it. Maybe a red and cream stripe, something like that...maybe.
This is the view standing at the front of the living room looking toward our "bedroom." We bought those bookshelves at IKEA and had some good friends help (we encouraged, they installed) us anchor them to the wall... they aren't going anywhere. The main thing we still need to do is hang a curtain from wall to wall right behind the bookshelves. Most of the time the curtains will be wide open and this is what you'll see, but there are times, like this weekend, when we have company and it is just better all around to be able to have separation from us and the person sleeping on the couch :)
This is standing at the front door looking into the living room.
And this is the view standing from the window looking toward the living room. To the far left you can kind of see the front door.
And this is the view from our living room/ bedroom window. It is really great! At our old apartment I looked at a brick wall. This is SO much better! This shot is looking over the East River toward the Queensboro Bridge, Roosevelt Island, and Queens, across the river.

The kids have a great bedroom. Everything fits so well. We have done nothing as far as decorating goes in this room, so it's pretty plain, but they like it. I'm anxious to pull it all together and make it a "comfortable" feeling room. I have some ideas!
This is standing in the corner of the room looking toward the beds. Lillie is in the twin bed on the left, Jack and Elliott sleep in the bunk beds. Elliott says "Jack sleeps up, I sleep down."
Another shot towards Lillie's side of the room.
This is from Jack's bed looking toward the opposite corner.
Here's the view from the kids bedroom. The pointy building on the left is the Chrysler Building, so cool to see it from their window, especially at night!
Our bathroom, not much to say about it. It's small, but nice.

Our kitchen is bigger than our previous 2 apartments. I'm really enjoying it. It has a dishwasher and a pantry and lots of cabinet space and the best part is a window! We even have room to put a small table, maybe a little round top with 2 chairs. We aren't looking for one right now, but we'll keep our eyes opened in case one pops up.
This is what you see when you walk in our front door.
The right side of the kitchen.
The left side looking from the window.
Another view from our apartment, this time from the kitchen window.

This place fits our family perfectly. We still have plenty, but have learned to live on less. It's very refreshing to me to only have to clean a small space, only have to clean one bathroom. We did loose a washer and dryer in our apartment, but there is a laundry room on the bottom floor of our apartment, and since Lillie and Elliott are mobile it's much easier than it used to bed to get laundry done. Now we all just walk or occasionally the kids all ride their scooters down. It's not been bad at all. Our apartments have a website where I can view the laundry room and see how many washers and dryers are occupied and how much longer they have on their cycle so I don't haul everything down there just to find that they are full. So convenient.

Next week I'll try to take you on a little tour of our great neighborhood... get ready, you're going to love it!


Katie said...

For a one bedroom apartment in New York City. That does seem really big! For your sake I hope you get to stay there for a while. You have moved enough to last a couple of years!

Anonymous said...

Your apartment looks so bright and cheerful. I am so proud that you are off the hill and have the beautiful view. Much better than the buildings and pigeons. I am looking forward to a visit one of these days. Love to all of you, Great Gran

The Fitzgerald's said...

i love that you have so many views!! yea for you!

Kristi Cherry said...

The new apt does look great and spacious! And the views are pretty! I'm glad you are getting settled in. Tell the kiddos we said Hi! We miss all of you!

rachie said...

Thanks for posting! I have wondered several times the past few weeks what the new place looks like and I love it! The other two apts were unique in their own ways, but I agree I think this fits y'all well. It seems to have tons of natural light and a good layout. Since I have been to the other two places, I better get a trip planned to see this one in person.... :)