Thursday, July 07, 2011


Every time it rains here in the afternoon and the sun comes out during or right after the rain shower a perfect rainbow forms right on the edge of the river, perfectly positioned in front of our living room window. I can't get a great picture, so this does not do it justice, but it's been a fun surprise to find out about.


Bo and Katie Kitchen said...

Gorgeous!!! It looks like you're living right at the edge of the ocean, you can't even tell there's buildings and an entire city right outside the window! So neat!!

Anonymous said...

God's reminder that He is always near. A beautiful rainbow. Love and Hugs, Great Gran

Christin Pounds said...

Hi Susan! I just caught up a little on your blog, I liked seeing your pretty apartment and your neighborhood. you make everything look so nice! I dont think i could ever get my bed looking so nice and neat :) We were in NJ this weekend and heard that you were headed there this week. we miss you!