Thursday, September 30, 2010

Central Park Children' Zoo

We spent another day at the Central Park Zoo yesterday. I say another day, it was really only a few hours. I met my friend Melissa and her little boy Jonah there, but it was my first time to travel to the zoo from our apartment alone. I think it took about 45 minutes. Not too, too bad.

The zoo is cute, but super small. I think within 30 minutes we had seen all there was to see. The best part to me is the children's zoo. Yesterday it was not crowded at all and the kids could get out of their stroller and run around. Lillie and Elliott were exploring everything and running wild.

Most of these pictures are behind shots. I thought the little ones were so cute checking everything out.
Lillie grabbed Jonah's hand to go for a walk through some hollow logs.
Elliott and Jonah looking at the ducks.
Elliott climbed this fence and then could not get back down!
Taking a break after feeding and looking at the goats.
Discovering the cow back in the barn.
These animals make their sound when you touch them.
Looking at ducks again from a different angle.
Ducks again.
Elliott discovered that you could look through this rock and put your hand in the waterfall. He was so proud of himself. What you don't know is that he got mad when Jack tried to come in and mad again when Lillie appeared a few seconds later.


Christi said...

These are CUTE pictures!! It looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to go out side. I saw on the news where there had been so much rain in NY. Enjoyed all the pictures, as usual. Can't get enough of seeing my great grandchildren. Love to all, Great Gran

Melcy said...

What a fun day we had with the Wyatts! Thanks for getting us into the zoo! :)
ps. Jonah and Lillie holding hands is just too cute!!

reg said...

That Lillie Beth! such a cute outfit and making a move on Jonah. Gotta watch out for her, huh?