Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gender Neutral Bedroom Ideas

A year ago I was trying to figure out what chairs to get for Lillie and Elliott for their first birthday. Jack's chair was red and I wanted to coordinate Lillie and Elliott's to go with his. We'll, I ended up with a green polka dot chair for Elliott and a pink polka dot for Lillie. Not really coordinating, but I like them.

Lillie and Elliott have successfully climbed out of their bed once or twice, so now we are trying to decide if it's a good time to move them to twin beds or not. I'm pretty sure by Christmas time they won't be in their baby beds anymore. Since my three kids all share a small room, Lillie will get Jack's bed and Jack and Elliott will get the bunk beds we bought for Lydia and Mary when they lived with us.

I've decided that for their birthdays or Christmas I'm going to ask for bedding for all three of them. The big question is how do I coordinate a small bedroom shared by 3, 2 boys and 1 girl. There are lots of pink/blue combinations, but I'm not really feeling that so much. I've been doing some researching and I have my best friend Ellie on the look out too. What do you think? Throw your decorating ideas out there.

Here are some pictures I like that have potential. I don't know that there is one picture that I love everything in it, but it gets the juices flowing. They didn't upload in the order I wanted them to, but when I try to rearrange them it's not posting correctly... anyway you get the picture.

*This was a pretty post with a few nice pictures of ideas, but when I went to publish it the pictures won't show up. Click on the links to see them (if you want) and leave a comment with your ideas and a link to a picture if there is one!
I love these colors and I think you could use this color palate for a boy girl room.

This is a big picture view of a room that used the materials in the first picture.

This is an inspiration board from a different website/blog. I think my first two pictures got their inspiration from the top middle picture on this inspiration board, or other way around, but they are different sites with too similar of bedding for it not to be.
I like that this is simple and it's not the typical blue/pink combo. I think its a good idea, I don't know that this idea would work since there is not just a boy and a girl sharing a room, but 2 boys and a girl. It might be a little too uncoordinated for a small space. I don't know.

Another idea, this was a thought from Ellie, is to do matching solid quilts/duvets and then personalize each one with different sheets and pillows. Company Kids seems to have a good variety of options for that idea.

We'll see...


Katie said...

I agree with Ellie. I would do the same comforter...that is gender neutral, like green or something. Then use the pillows and sheets to personalize it. It will be so cute!

Monroe Family said...

I love the red! Mya's room is red, cream and black and although not typical, it works well. You could easily use that color for all 3. Good luck!

Emily Doss said...

I love the websites you are sorting through and all of those colors. My favorite idea from them is framing book jackets. I also saw somewhere an antique nursery rhyme book that had been chopped up and framed. The colors were great and it was an instant theme.

rebekah said...

I like ellie's idea! you could also stick w/ solid comforters. lillie could have a light blue & you could decorate w/ sheets& pillows that are yellow and the boys could have a darker blue or red and you could accent with red or darker blue (respectively). i love decorating the walls with book covers!

Anonymous said...

The solids on the comforter sound great. They could all be the same color and you could monogram them with their initials in a different color on each. Perhaps monogramming just a pillow sham. Don't know if you'd want to go brown, but brown is neutral and then they could have pink, green, blue, teal, white, or other color in the monogrammed stitching and have sheets to match.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan- Love reading your blog! I think solids or patterns would look nice. Pottery barn kids has great quilts that have boy and girl colors... and some gender neutral as well-their kasey quilts and star quilts are cute! Keep us posted!
You have great ideas, thanks for sharing them on your blog!

B.J. Caulfield said...

You could get solid colored blankets the kids could all share and get pillow cases of each child's favorite cartoon characters so they would have something that would be theirs only.

Anonymous said...

I am staying out of this. You don't need advice from your grandmother. Love you, Gran

Anonymous said...

ok I love the bright colors. My suggestion is to go primary. Red- Jack; Blue- Elliott; Yellow-Lille. You can mix and match any pillows of those colors or patterns like stripes or solids. You can also find inexpensive reversible comforters at JC Pennys. I got the 2 for Wyatt's bunks there for less than $70 each and they run sales often on them. I think I caught them on sale and got 2 for $70. His are red and blue. Check it out. Company Kids is great too. Love their solid ideas with cute accessories, however it is pricey. JCP is cheaper and you could do the same idea.
Aunt Di

pam said...

i like this decorating idea