Sunday, August 02, 2009

Elliott and Pap

We just got back from vacation. I've got several pictures to upload and publish. They are all on Freddy's computer and I'm working from mine right now (that just got the Internet installed back on it today, thanks Regina!)

We started our vacation in Atlanta visiting my Dad, Aunt and Uncle, Grandparents, and Cousins and spending a little time with Freddy's parents at his cousins wedding. From there we headed to Panama City Beach for a week vacation with my Mom's side of the family. I'll try to catch everyone up on our travels over the next few days.

When Jack was 9 months old I took a picture of him wearing his Pittsburgh Pirates uniform with my dad. My dad is a huge fan! I took the uniform with us to Atlanta for Elliott to get his picture made as well. You'll have to look at Jack's pictures and compare.

My cousin Angie also got a picture of all the great grand kids
(except Karlee) with my grandparents.
Lillie and Elliott are being held by the other set of boy girl twins on that side of the family.


Lori said...

Man, they're definitely brothers. I love to do that with Peyton and the girls. I see both of them in her so often.

pam said...

so glad you were able to see lots of family on your vacation! What a joy!