Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Food Update and Another Resource

Just did the math. In case you were wondering if it was saving us money to make baby food for the twins...

I just made 88 "jars".

Here in NYC a jar of baby food is 79 cents.

I bought 12 cans of fruit (big cans: peaches, pears, apricots. all drained and rinsed real good from the juices/syrup they were sitting in) each $2. 69.

These are all NYC prices, probably cheaper in most other places.

Anyway 88 jars would have cost $69.52
Making the food from 12 cans cost $32.28, ends up being 36 cents a jar.

Every penny counts!

Today carrots, green beans, broccoli, and peas. For me its easy to get fresh vegetables and make those, the fruit takes so long to peel and core so I've found the cans to work better for me there.

Sweet potatoes, asparagus, and squash are already in there. Our freezer is full! This will last a while, but just imagine if you did this for 1 kid instead of 2, you'd be set for a long time!

I think by the time this food is gone Lillie and Elliott will be moving toward table food, so I think this round will be one of our last big rounds of making and freezing their food.

On a completely other note.

Glenna Marshall
recommended this website called Motivated Moms on her blog the other day. I feel like I used to be a fairly organized person, but since kids came along its been a little harder for me to make a plan that works for me as far as getting house work done. This website offers a house work planner for only $4 that you can print off and it lays out daily chores(ones you'll do every single day) and then 5 or 6 specific tasks to get done in addition. It has helped me so much this week. I found this tool on Wednesday, since then I've cleaned our bathroom, mopped the kitchen floor, cleaned the microwave, semi organized one of our closets, vacuumed rugs, cleaned all mirrors, dusted our bedroom, and ironed. You'll see how easy it is to be productive and feel good about it too when you look at the sample on the website. And I've run errands and gone to an exercise class during the day, so I'm not stuck inside all day trying to accomplish these things. The tasks are easy and not overwhelming for the day at all. I do live in an apartment so I have a lot less to clean and it doesn't take long (and some of the tasks I can scratch off quickly since they don't pertain to me, ex. sweep porch, wipe down washer and dryer, vacuum 2nd floor, etc) . I've found that to be an extra blessing during this season in life when I don't have time to clean a lot anyway!

Hope this helps and encourages all you ladies out there that feel overwhelmed by housework from time to time.


angie said...


this is EXACTLY what i have been needing!! i have already downloaded my copy!!

thanks susan :)

Jennifer Zila said...

we use the planner too and it has been such a help so that i don't feel like i'm cleaning all day every day. i've gotten where i know the daily list by heart and can plow through it pretty quickly-- excellent resource. :) i'm not super organized and love feeling the accomplishment of checking things off my list.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I am so proud of you and what you are accomplishing. You and Amber have pleasantly surprised me with sticking with making your own baby food. We should all be more conscious of saving money. For instance, I buy fresh green beans at the Farmers market already snapped because I don't want to take time to snap them. Is that not lazy? You and Amber are great Moms. Love and hugs to all. Gran

Brittney said...

Susan, Thanks for the tip on fruit from the can. I honestly didn't even think of that. I've only made my own apples and bananas in cube trays but canned fruit will be a lot cheaper and easier than peeling/coring fruits. I haven't checked out the organizer yet but it sounds really awesome. And you can look back and see what you've done instead of feeling like you're endlessly picking up things and cleaning. Thanks so much!!!

The Fitzgerald's said...

I didn't do the baby food thing with Micaiah because we traveled so much but as long as we are not on the go so much when another comes along i'm def. going to try it.

pam said...

I just saw the Julie/Julia Childs movie. I am inspired by blogging, but moreso buy French cuisine cooking! How impressive, my youngest sister does this for her babies... my beautiful neices. Looks so healthy! Have a wonderful day. Hugs, pam

Rachel Nadeau said...

Thanks for sharing the tip about the cleaning blog. You are amazing that you have three little ones and make your own baby food :) absolutely marvelous

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