Thursday, August 06, 2009


Tired. Happy. Arrived in Charleston. Never been. Reflecting on five years. This September 4th makes it.

Tired. Happy. Hopeful. Tired.

Last week was family time. This week vacation + a great friend’s wedding – officiating + just reading scripture = still vacation.

Gran and Gran-Gramps holding the fort down @ 90th and Columbus with our three monkeys. Asleep before we left them (see picture). Susan hopes that Lillie B’s and Big E will have teeth but wont be crawling when we return though she’s afraid they’ll be crawlin with no teeth. We’ll see. (Susan wants it to be known that Jack and I are the only one’s that refer to Elliott as “Big E”).

Last week NYC to ATL to NYC via Wedding in Hamptons to PCB to NYC.

5 years. Sort of feels like 10. Sort of feels like 2. Mostly feels like 5.

5 = # of years married
4 = # of states lived in NJ, KY, TN, NY
3 = # of kids thus far: Jack, Elliott, Lillie

So grateful. To Him. To them. To you. So many.

Saved. Sent. And being Spent for one Great Name’s sake…


More of Him and less of us.


Anonymous said...

This is all well and good, but you know we want to see the SHORT hair!!!~

lindyjo said...

i love how uncle freddy is holding a stuffed animal and still has his glasses in his hand. lol so happy for you guys!

Catrina said...

I just cried when I read this. We love and miss you guys SO MUCH! Still praying!

rachie said...

Hope you are enjoying ur trip with just the two of you! I love Charleston and I'm sure that you both are having a blast....I would love to walk in that apartment at 90th and Columbus right about now! :)

Anonymous said...

2= 2 people in love with each other
1= the God they serve together!!

If you're gonna do 5, 4, 3, you gotta have, 2 & 1. just thought I'd help you out.

Aunt Di

The Boyds said...

Holding down the fort? Looks like they're holding down the furniture! Har, har... We love you guys.

Danielle M. said...

LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

Dad never leaves home without his pink, snuggly monkey. He can't sleep without it.
FT and Sus, hope yall have a great time!

pam said...

Wonderful! Keep on keeping on! :) With love, pam

Melcy said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope yall have a wonderful time!