Monday, March 25, 2013

Tae Kwon Do

About a month ago the kids started taking Tae Kwon Do.  Elliott was the first to start and a few weeks later Lillie gave it a try.  Elliott and Lillie are in a class for kids 3-5.  They work on basic kicks and punches and are learning their numbers and a handful of phrases in Korean.  They are working on their Pee Wee belts, the beginner levels of TKD.  The belts they are working toward look like this.

Jack is taking right now as well, but he's still in his trial period.  We'll see if he wants to keep taking.  Lillie and Elliott are signed up for the year, Jack may be month to month for a little bit.  His class is made up of kids working on all levels of belts.  He is of course only on the white belt level, but there are all different levels in the same class, so his is more advanced than Lillie and Elliotts.  

The structure and discipline expected in TKD is really great.  The Masters are very nice but have high expectations of the kids.  So much that it could be a little intimidating but all the kids taking lessons seem to respond really well and have a great time in the class.  Here is a list of the rules.

This was Lillie's trial day.  She received her uniform afterwards.
 Jack working on stance.

 Lillie and Elliott before class

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