Monday, March 25, 2013

Parker: 7 Months

7 Months!

I had to tape the sign to the high chair for this picture.  There is no way it would have been visible if I laid it beside him, he would have put it right in his mouth!

Parker is so much fun.  He started eating baby food this past month.  At this point he's had bananas, pear, peaches, avocado, green beans, peas, carrots, asparagus, and sweet potatoes.  So far he hasn't rejected any of it!

We went for his check up and he weighed 21 lbs. 4 oz and 28 inches long.  He is very healthy and active.  Parker is still not sitting up alone, he is making more and more progress but you can't just sit him down on the floor and leave him.  He is trying to crawl.  He pushes up on his hands and feet then drawls his knees in.  It won't be long.  He is making his way around on the floor just fine though.  He can scoot and roll to get to anything he wants.  It's about to get real interesting around here!

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